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Swoo launches ‘Poll Mania’, urges users to ‘come and have fun’

With a gameplay based on majority, Poll Mania witnesses an impressive count of 35k participants every day.

India, December 19, 2018: Swoo, a market-leading live-streaming platform raging in the global live entertainment segment, has recently launched ‘Swoo Poll Mania’, a live quiz game based on majority opinion. A game that urges one to think and analyze while having fun, Poll Mania is already enjoying high retention rates within few weeks of its introduction.

This game is the fourth successor in Swoo’s legacy of live games that have taken Tier-I and Tier-II cities of the nation by storm. Following the success of its previously introduced games that set benchmarks in the live gaming industry, Swoo has launched this game catering to all age groups. An application that pays its users to play, Swoo ensures that its motto ‘Come and have fun’ duly reaches out to its audiences.

‘Swoo Poll Mania’ is a live opinion-based quizzing game, where participants are supposed to answer questions on the basis of their assumption regarding what the majority would respond with. This game stimulates users to think analytically without missing onto its entertainment aspect. With around INR 10,000 to INR 1, 00,000 pot money garnered daily, around 5000-18,000 people win cash prizes every day. One can opt to play Poll Mania individually but playing in a team leads to higher chances of winning as one can get an idea about what the majority would answer upon getting an insight from their teammates.

Played mostly by people in Tier I and Tier II cities across the nation, Poll Mania sees a turnout of 35,000 users playing live daily, and the count is ever-increasing. The fact that players spend an average time of 15 minutes every day on Poll Mania shows how engaging the game is. While it is currently rolled out once daily, Swoo aims to air the game twice to cater to its audience’s overwhelming response.

Acknowledging the robust growth in Poll Mania’s retention rates, Divyesh Mahajan, CEO, Swoo remarked, “Our Indian audience never disappoints us. We are overwhelmed by how enthusiastically they respond to each of Swoo’s launches. We launched Poll Mania to provide our audience with a new way of breaking the monotony wherein they can collectively exercise their brains, and it has been a great success so far! Swoo has always envisioned to make entertainment as accessible as possible, and it feels amazing to see that people from Tier-II cities have been participating just as actively.” 

Despite being a newcomer, Swoo has been revolutionizing the live gaming segment within a short span of its inception. Among its previously launched games, Swoo’s stellar achievements include the world’s biggest and India’s first live match-3 type candy game ‘Swoo Candy Krack’ and India’s number 1 live Bingo game ‘Swoo Bingo’. Equipped with high quality graphics, charismatic hosts and great production quality shot at their partner studio TwoFour54 in Abu Dhabi, Swoo envisions to make live gaming available to people of all age groups across India and progressively across the globe. 

About Swoo:

Swoo is a live-streaming mobile platform that offers unique and high-quality content to its viewers. Swoo broadcasters, both professional and aspiring, have been personally handpicked by the team to ensure an enhanced app experience. Viewers can explore authentic and inspiring content around Technology, Health, Sports, Travel, Food, Entertainment, and Lifestyle on Swoo.

Swoo provides its users with many interactive features that allow them to engage in real-time with features like claps, live chat, and co-hosting where up to 4 broadcasters can go live at the same time and users can engage with all of them live. In addition to existing features, Swoo will also launch new features such as maps exploration, drone and external camera compatibility, gamification and monetization features.

With live game shows like Swoo Trivia at 3:30 PM, Swoo Bingo at 7:30 PM, and Swoo Trivia Evening Show at 9:30 PM, 2018 marks a peak in the attractiveness of Swoo among broadcasters and audiences, as the application’s installs have reached 10.3 million. Swoo has been able to create engaged communities by providing rich live content. Swoo is a locally built, globally-fit smart application and is now available in the App Store and Google Play.

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