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Upstox launches the high-speed Margin Trading Facility (MTF) as fast as in 10 seconds

  • The fastest MTF facility simplifies the cumbersome registration process and makes it the most convenient in the industry with instant activation, zero subscription fee & low interest rates
  • Traders and investors can get 50% with up to Rs 5,00,000 of their margin funded at low interest rates easily and on the go by clicking on the Upstox MTF link from their laptops or cellphones
  • The facility will help investors to double their investment potential, and meet their margin shortfall for buying more or high valued shares and also for holding on to their investments

19thDecember 2018: Upstox (formerly RKSV Securities), the new-age online discount broking company funded by Mr. Ratan Tata, Kalaari Capital and GVK Davix, has introduced Margin Trading Facility (MTF) which can be availed by Upstox customers real-time within seconds., This will enable investors to get instant funding anytime and anywhere to meet their margin requirements while dealing in equities.

With this, Upstox simplifies the cumbersome process for availing MTF by enabling fastest activation in just in 3 clicks.Upstox users can now activate MTF by just the clicking the activate button on their mobile app or web platform, accept terms and conditions and enter OTP received as a final step.Upstox, thus, eliminates the unnecessary red tape subscribing to the MTF service and reduces the time taken to register through instant activation. It is also making the service cheaper by doing away with the hefty subscription fee that the market participants had to cough up earlier and is charging an optimal charge of Rs 20 a day per Rs. 50,000 of funding.

The MTF facility from Upstox will benefit investors who want to buy stocks for a short duration.Positional traders, swing traders and also the investors looking for good leverage on short-term trades can now benefit from this facility. It allows users to get a two-times leverage on buying delivery stocks. They will need to put in 50% of the funds and Upstox would fund the remaining margin requirement, of up to Rs. 5,00,000.The Upstox MTF product will enable these investors and traders to buy more or high-valued stocks and also hold on to their investments, thus increasing their absolute profits.

Elaborating on the reasons for launching the MTF facility, Ravi Kumar, Founder and CEO, Upstox, said: “People often miss out on golden opportunities in the market and are forced to exit their holdings for want of funding, especially in volatile market conditions like in the present. Our recent data has shown that almost 50 per cent of the traders, who buy shares and hold them, sell these shares within just 30 days. With more and more retail investors coming into the markets now, we realised there was a need for a MTF product which could be easily and instantaneously accessed from laptops or cellphones of investors to enable them to grab more opportunities.” 

Upstox is a new-age discount broker that looks beyond just costs and empowers its clients with technology tools for savvier investment decisions. Its ‘zero brokerage’ model rests on prudent use of design and technology to cut costs at every level and transferring this benefit to the end customer. 

The brokerage firm has witnessed at least a three-fold increase in its total client-base and turnover within a year. The pan-India client base of Upstox increased from 25,000 to 100,000 in the last two years, a growth of 300%. The revenues also increased by 200% during the same period.Contribution of Upstox to daily notional turnover of exchanges increased to a range of Rs. 14,000 to Rs. 18,000 crores per day from around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 6,000 crores per day in 2016. 

This high-growth performance has catapulted Upstox to the league of those extremely rare capital-funded start-ups in India that turned profitable at an early stage.

About Upstox

Upstox (formerly RKSV Securities) entered the retail brokerage market in 2012. With a backing from Mr. Ratan Tata and venture capitalists such as Kalaari Capital and GVK Davix, Upstox has been revolutionising the concept of discount broking in India and pushing the limits of digital financial investing with innovative technology, intuitive user experience and unbeatable pricing.

The unique global-Indian model of Upstox is strongly reflective of the Indo-American antecedents of its co-founders, who implement their knowledge and experience of working in both the Indian and US financial markets and the Silicon Valley in making Upstox a strong and pioneering force in the industry.

Upstox ensures that its clients reap the benefits of a high-tech online trading platform and best-in-class services every step of the way – from the time they open an account to executing trades and beyond. Yet, staying true to its fintech DNA has been its constant endeavour. Upstox is driven by its guiding principle of making trading in stock markets simple and affordable for all.

It has become the first-in-category to introduce commission-free trading. It has also ensured full transparency in pricing by offering ‘zero’ brokerage on equity delivery trades and a flat rate of Rs. 20 per intraday order for all other segments.

Upstox today ranks among India’s high-growth online brokerage firms and is a leading volume contributor to the country’s top equity and commodity exchanges.

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