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Vodafone Foundation, NASSCOM Foundation and VSO launch VIBE

State of the art digital solution to 'Volunteer, Inspire, Begin & Engage'

New Delhi, December 5, 2018: Vodafone Foundation, part of Vodafone Idea Ltd, India’s leading telecom company, in partnership with the NASSCOM Foundation and VSO, today announced the launch of ‘VIBE’, a unique and holistic mobile based digital solution to inspire volunteering, drive volunteer mobilisation and engagement as well as to diligently manage the output and impact of volunteering efforts. Shri Arun Goel, Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Government of India was present during the launch.

Organised volunteering has a significant role to play in India’s overall socio economic development. It creates a win-win proposition for corporates as collective Volunteer engagement with a specific purpose, helps corporates boost productivity, foster team building and retain talent. For the developmental sector, several benefits accrue in the form of enhanced understanding of community needs, access to specialist skills and a committed approach to deliver clear outcomes.

VIBE has been specially developed to scale-up the potential and impact of volunteering such that it serves a greater purpose benefitting communities and causes at large. A comprehensive web based online dashboard, easily accessible via mobile provides a convenient bridge connecting individual volunteers seeking purposeful opportunities, corporates interested in offering their work force for volunteering and developmental sector organisations- NGOs, Trusts, Social Enterprises, seeking the services of such committed volunteers. 


Dashboard - Corporate gets access to the details of individuals they are associated with, making it easy for them to monitor

Individual & Corporate Volunteering - individuals can login to the platform by registering themselves and start using the application 

SDG* Mapping –additional feature to tag the created opportunity to any of the SDG 

Impact Calculator –allows user to create opportunity as skilled as well as unskilled type 

Panic button –to ensure the safety of the volunteers

Feedback/Survey- in both qualitative and quantitative manner

Impact Wall- Volunteers can post their daily experience

Available on both Android and IOS - so that it reaches a mass audience

Launching VSO-VIBE, Arun Goel, Secretary Ministry of Culture, Government of India, said “Volunteering has a long way to go to solve many critical challenges in our country. A huge resource of talented volunteers makes India suitably poised to tackle its pressing issues. I thank the app developers for coming up a digital interface to create a single platform bringing institutions, NGO and volunteers together. I am certain of path breaking solutions emerging “ 

Speaking at the launch of VSO-VIBE, P Balaji, Chief, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs Officer, Vodafone Idea Ltd, said, “At Vodafone Idea, we are committed to using the advances in technology to drive inclusion, help organisations in the developmental sector scale, and for driving larger social good. Under our strategy of ‘Connecting for Good’, we have successfully developed and deployed several technology led solutions for a variety of causes that have positively impacted communities, benefitting millions. With launch of VSO-VIBE, a state-of-the art digital platform, we are plugging the much felt gap by both individual and corporate volunteers and also NGOs in the ecosystem surrounding volunteerism. We are delighted to partner the NASSCOM Foundation and VSO in developing and offering this ideal solution for volunteer mobilization, engagement and management.”

VSO-VIBE is an easy to use, comprehensive mobile based solution which holistically records the time spent on volunteering as well as the individual and collective impact made towards addressing the social issue being worked upon. It also provides an interactive platform for individual volunteers to share their work, thoughts and experience enabling learning and collaboration on the go. It is designed and developed by a specialist team of technology professionals under guidance from relevant sectoral experts drawn from corporate, developmental sector and academia. 

Expressing joy at the launch, Ashok Pamidi, CEO, NASSCOM Foundation said, “With 3.97 million employees, the IT-BPM industry has a one the largest potential volunteer base in India and has been in search for a platform where its volunteers can find genuine and suitable opportunities to contribute towards various societal needs and the companies can measure volunteering hours and impact. The VSO –VIBE platform is an effort in this direction and has the potential to help develop large-scale inter and intra company collaborations while also making volunteering a sustainable activity. Developed under the ‘Connecting for Good’ initiative, in partnership with Vodafone Idea CSR, the app acts as a one-stop shop for all of the corporates’ volunteering needs while providing a much needed direct interface for the NGOs to engage with committed volunteers.”

“Equipped with one of its kind features like aligning each volunteer’s task with SDGs, smart dashboards for reporting, real time notifications and documentation of volunteering work, VSO-VIBE can significantly simplify and enhance the scope for volunteering in India, thereby making a difference to the lives of most marginalized communities, added Sachal Aneja, Asia-Pacific Corporate Engagement Manager, VSO. 

VIBE can significantly simplify and enhance the scope for volunteering in India, thereby making a difference to the lives of addressable communities. 

*SDG – Sustainable development goals


Web-based online dashboard and mobile app – available both for iOS and Android, VIBE is a one stop solution for volunteer mobilization, engagement and management. The platform helps volunteers to create their account, interact with other volunteers, while tracking the hours/accomplishments of their engagement efforts to better assess the overall impact. The mobile app is backed by a strong backend web platform for managing exhaustive volunteer programs which records data in automated secured way thus reducing the manual data entry errors. 

Provides effortless onboarding and give volunteers the ability to view the open opportunities as well as personalized opportunities. The platform maps the contribution of volunteer as per the SDG involved and gives insights to Volunteer as well as the administrator. The interface allows administrators to check the volunteer based on their registered profile. The interface has been designed in such a way that Volunteers can donate hours, show progress and provide feedback

Visit the website to learn more!

Vodafone Foundation 

Connecting for Good

The Vodafone Foundation, a subsidiary of Vodafone Idea Ltd in India, recognises the power of mobile technology to address some of India’s most pressing challenges relating to education, health, equality and access. We are committed to enable people and technology to drive innovation, disseminate knowledge, and create shared value to improve lives. 

By leveraging our mobile technology in the four areas of m-women, m-education, m-health and m-agriculture, it works in partnership with charities, development agencies and the community to drive social change on a large scale in India. As part of its social investment programme, the Vodafone Foundation in India also focuses on disaster relief and implements ‘World of Difference’, a unique employee engagement programme.

In countries in which Vodafone operates, a unique footprint of 27 Vodafone Foundations operate to deliver our social investment programme. These programmes are directed and chosen by the Foundation Trustees and receive funding from the Vodafone Foundation in the UK as well as their local Vodafone company. 

About NASSCOM Foundation:

NASSCOM Foundation is a leading non-profit organization driving technology for good. The Foundation’s work is just as expansive and evolutionary as the potential that technology and corporate India entail. Drawing strength from its parent body NASSCOM, the Foundation works closely with four major stakeholders: NASSCOM member companies, NGOs, emerging social enterprises and Government to foster a strategic relationship between technology and development. NASSCOM Foundation’s core initiatives include working for Persons with Disabilities, fostering innovative solutions for social good, creating unique skilling models for underserved communities, helping transform Indian Public Libraries into community engagement, information and knowledge centres and digital literacy where it is the industry partner to the Govt. of India’s National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM / PMGDISHA)

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