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Meet the new fashion icon of Instagram, Roshni Kapoor

roshini kapoor health fitness modellingCertainly social media is a platform where anyone can share anything with everyone and people becoming popular is not an unheard story. Instagram Influencer and a fashion blogger Roshni Kapoor who is currently preparing for her Bollywood debut , she have recently crossed  more than 1 million followers on Instagram and she marks her USP as a motivational, fashionista and an adorable personality. 
Roshni has been receiving accolades and appreciation from all her fans and they admire her aura on social media that is full of positive energy. She has been receiving immense love and respect from her followers and that's the motivation behind her good work. 
Kapoor says, "The love and adulation from all my fans is the energy that's keeping me go and it helps me strive higher. First and foremost I'd thanks my followers for showering their love on me and my work. I promise to not let them down."
Wishing Roshni immense luck and success for her future.

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