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Profile - Chitwan Malhotra Founder, World Health Forum Advisor , UN Sustainable Development Goals 3

“Moving ahead with a mission to improve the quality and access of primary healthcare for marginalized and un-­‐‑served communities”

Everyone can dream big-­‐‑ but what does it take to be featured in Big Book, Guinness World Record for largest distribution of HPV vaccine. A Primitive person, Chitwan Malhotra behind the Global women leader in herself, never realized that the work she is doing for serving the marginalized sector would speak volumes for her.

Passionate about making a difference in the lives of most vulnerable, Chitwan’s work is like a moon in the night sky which cannot hide long behind the clouds of silence or anonymity . Initiating her work from the field of education she explored into the fields of Edutainment, Health, Sports and women Empowerment.


Being born and brought up in terrorism hit Kashmir valley, Chitwan has experienced the atrocities of conflict region and has to break the barriers for self-­‐‑education and hence gave herself a courageous mission to spread Education in order to combat terrorism. Fueled by the belief “Education is a world’s vaccine against terrorism “ Young Chitwan established the first alternate school “Taawish” in Jammu &Kashmir at a tender age of sixteen. The school gradually evolved to become one of the best school of edutainment, media, design and management studies Livewires Foundation.

The struggle she (being a girl) encountered and witnessed in Kashmir, to get education not only made her stand out as a Women Representative among Business leaders in the world, primarily

dominated by males but, inspired her to prepare more of similar leaders among women. Enhancing women’s skills to empower them for earning the living, and helping women establish their enterprise is her distinction. Healthy mind resides in Healthy body hence she is also working for women health care and provides HPV vaccines to women in rural India to prevent them from Cervical cancer. This initiative is stimulated to achieve the United Nations sustainable Goal in India.

Tasked with mission to improve the quality and access of primary healthcare for marginalized and un-­‐‑served communities for sustainability. Chitwan is spearheading the initiative towards UNSDG3 (United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3) for Health Care and Wellbeing around the world. Chitwan founded World Health Forum WHF during 71st World Health Assembly in Geneva that works to assist Health care solutions for sustainable Health growth by joining hands with different stake holders. In India, WHF has initiated HCI for implementing healthcare models through partnerships with state governments, international agencies and the private sector; and by appropriately introducing promising healthcare innovations in the public health system.

The philanthropist Chitwan, leads by the thought sustainable goal cannot be achieved unless large population groups benefits. To safeguard the reach of benefits to India Chitwan is leading a dialogue with government of Uttar Pradesh, to ensure Greater Noida becomes the selected member of Global SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) cities leadership platform-­‐‑ – a global initiative to reach the SDGs by 2030.

Lessons to strive for human dignity, came to her in a harsh way while witnessing human tragedies and triumphs. Chitwan attempts to convey this lesson through a smooth acceptable mode of entertainment. Cinema. So she employed the power of cinema to create awareness about non-­‐‑communicable diseases, besides other social issues especially the gender equity. Acknowledging the social impact that cinema and people from Entertainment Industry make Chitwan harnessed it to maximum by initiating, India Cinema Fund, which accumulated 25 million USD, to bridged the opportunity of using cinema for creating huge Social Impact and awareness about Health care and wellness and inviting people from entertainment industry to create content for her initiatives in UNSDGs. Few of the specific areas she educated people using cinema are non-­‐‑communicable disease, Gender equality, Physical and mental benefits of sports besides other.

In Kashmir the young Chitwan witnessed many girls struggled to move out to play and participate in sports. Emphasizing with her friends Chitwan has concern for the caged life style and less physical movement which can bring myriad health issues in persons mental and physical health. The children getting diabetes and other non communicable disease due to life style and mobile addiction. Here her concern, catalyzed her efforts to promote sports as a means of Mental and physical wellbeing in schools and colleges. Chitwan believes in the vast pool of

talent that India has in sports and endeavors to promote it not only to get bring laurels to India in sports but to develop holistic personality of the youth. Chitwan endeavored to create Global Mental Health Alliance to reduce the stigma attached to it and spread the awareness about mental health.

With her mission to inspire action and commitment Chitwan resolves to create lifelong sustainable and innovative breakthroughs, and spread best practices to improve life style, and provide affordable primary health care. Chitwan is a part of board meeting of UN in Geneva to spread the knowledge and curation of Non-­‐‑Communicable Disease(NCD). Pivotal in her campaign “Together Against NCD” Chitwan has paved several strategies to tackle growing NCD’s in low income countries. Physical activities and sports is being used as weapon to combat the battle against NCD by teaming up with distinct stake holders.

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