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Profile - Gaurav Makkar - Triathlon Coach

Gaurav Makkar is an established name in the world of endurance triathletes. Having participated in numerous events across the globe, and made a prestigious position for him in the arena of endurance sports, he is now helping upcoming athletes by mentoring and coaching. His goal is to create a trend with Indian athletes who can perform internationally and make the country proud.

Gaurav’s tryst with endurance sports started over a casual conversation with a friend about the Ironman race, and that was enough for him to go back home, pull out all the research and put on his trainers. The Ironman race is one of the most grueling sporting events in the world, which tests one’s body and mind. He started as a fitness instructor and then ventured into long distance running and later on an Ironman. He set out his targets and began a training program that molded his body and mind into what they say, Ironmen are made of – passion, endurance, determination and an exhilarating desire to always push the boundary.

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