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Roadies 5.0 contestant Ankita Rai Tiwari becomes India's one of the top Mommy Blogger


It's amazing  how life takes turns and holds surprises and amusements for us on every road of our journey. Ankita Rai Tiwari who started her career with Roadies 5.0 is now one of the top Mom Influencer of India. Her journey has inspired many mothers to continue working and pursuing their passion even while pregnant or after having babies. 

Ankita post her Roadies experience started a trading firm called 'Trade Intex' where they would trade industrial goods in bulk to China and other countries. She stood as a firm entrepreneur with high goals and dreams. Not only did she succeed as a trader but also started social media influencing as a fashion n lifestyle influencer. Last year she had her first child and now rules the internet as a fit, fashionable and healthy mommy blogger. 

Talking about this journey she says, "I never thought I would come this far. I always knew there was more in store for me N had small aims and goals which I kept conquering and made new ones after every achievement. Influencing I started as a hobby because I have studied fashion and am a fashion enthusiast, I love keeping myself fit - comes from my college days where home-science being my prime subject I was drawn towards healthy eating n took courses on nutrition n health . I wanted to share whatever I could to the world with best of my knowledge n experience.”

"My baby Zorica is one of the reason for my popularity as a mom blogger. After my delivery I didn't want to quit influencing, having realised there are so many women out there looking for first hand insight on maternity n parenting. So, while taking care and nurturing my baby I worked on myself and got back to shape. Yes, today I am happy with what I am doing and that's what matters, isn't it?," adds Tiwari. 

Ankita has broken many stereotypes and traditional norms. She stands strong as an independent woman who is perfect example of a powerful lady. We wish her great luck.

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