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Twinkle Kapoor to come up with her new album, 'Bewafa Tune'

Year 2019 seems like one of the best years for instagram sensation Twinkle Kapoor, who recently bagged her debut film, 'Banjara' due to her social media popular is now gearing up for the release of her upcoming music album, 'Bewafa Tune'. 

The young talent has taken a normal day to day emotion of betray in love as the subject for this video and highlights being single is far better than facing betray from your so called 'better halfs'. She expresses, "Relationships, Break ups and Betrayals has become a part of today's youth culture. I see so many guys and girls cry because their exes dumbed them. Looking at these anecdotes me and my team decided to make something on it. As a result 'Bewafa Tune ' happened."

"The album is slated to release soon and I cannot exclaim my happiness because Banjara happened and now this album. I am living my dream," Kapoor continues. 

On asking Twinkle her relationship status she laughs and says, "Ah! I am happy being a single. It's been 8 years that I have seen anyone. I feel I am happy single since there is not fear or actual betray from anyone. It's good to be single than be a bewafa."

Wishing her much luck for both her projects.

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