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“Vriksh the Theatre “is all set for Thespis 3- The Third season of the National Micro Drama Festival

“Vriksh the theatre” brings Thespis 3 - the third season of the National Micro Drama Festival for theatre lovers. Its scheduled to be held on 21st April at Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi. Thirty plays are scheduled on a single day and awards are offered for 10 categories like Best Production, Script, Direction, Actor, Actress, Technician, etc..

Entries are open right now and any group & individual can apply if the duration of play is for a maximum time limit of 10 minutes. Entries will be closed on January 31, 2019.

This year, Vriksh the theatre's motto is 'Art for Humanity', and it has been decided to be for 'rehabilitation of flood affected population and uplift of street children'. The festival is organized in the name of Greek artist 'Thespis', who is believed to be the person first to appear on stage. 

This celebration of abundance has bagged Best of India Records for the last two consecutive years. Due to its unique nature, questions related to this festival have found a way into competitive examinations for bank recruitments and Civil Service prelims preliminary.

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