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A 6-year-old girl treated to metallic rod pierced into the brain

Doctors at Zen Multi Specialty Hospital successfully treats Sejal Yadav back to routine

A team of Dr Roy Patankar, Dr Batuk Diyora , Dr Ashish Soneji, Dr Harshad Binniwale, MICU team and casualty team from Zen Multi specialty Hospital Chembur performed a successful surgery of a 6 year old female met with an accident. 

Sejal Yadav, a 6-year-old girl fall from 8ft height on metallic rod of about 3ft metallic rod pierced into the head resulting penetrating injury at right frontal-parietal region while playing at Chembur. Web she presented, she was unconscious.

Family relatives of Sejal Yadav removed the rod on the site and took her to local Hospital for further treatment. Drs there did local dressing and was referred to Zen Multi-specialty Hospital for further treatment. The police case has been registered at Chembur police Station.

Doctors at Zen Hospital performed local examination revealed wound over frontal-parietal region with brain matter coming out through fractured skull bone. In CT scan it was noticed that right fronto-parietal depressed fracture with bifrontal hematoma along the rod tract. Code blue team of Zen hospital was in action and child was operated within 1-1/2 hours at middle of night. She was operated for depressed fracture; depressed bone fragments were removed and Dural tear was repaired. Post-surgery she was on ventilator and later slowly removed from ventilator. She regains her consciousness and was discharged within 10 days.

Dr Batuk Diyora, Neurosurgeon, Zen Multi speciality Hospital, says “patient has recovered well with mild weakness on the left side limbs. She will require further investigation up to 4 weeks to rule out any infective complication of penetrating brain injury. I am very happy to see her walking."

Dr Roy Patankar Director, Zen Multi Speciality Hospital says “parents should know where their children are playing and have to be more careful of surroundings.In relation to this case 24x7 availability of dedicated team of drs at Zen hospital provides State of the art treatment at the odd hours with successful outcome.”

A parent of Sejal Yadav, says, “We are thankful to drs and hospital for making my daughter doing well and playful. Will urge all parents to make sure that your kid don’t play near accident site.”

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