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Casey Christopher : Fitness model and Muscular Man

                                              The Bodybuilder, Hair stylist, Fitness Model

Casey Christopher is a model from Milford, Connecticut. He had a very successful 15 year career as a young athlete in America. After Casey’s first semester at University, where he played collegiate football, he then found himself falling into dark times. These dark times started because he no longer had his competitive “fix” that he had been getting on the playing field his entire life. He suffered many trials and tribulations along the next couple of years, until he found his true self in 2015.

While Casey was taking the fitness industry by storm, Casey landed an unprecedented 4 magazine covers, a feat never before achieved by an athlete prior to turning pro. Since becoming pro in November 2017, he has landed 2 more covers, and he is just getting warmed up.


"I feel not only just looks but your behaviour and attitude is also a great idea to impress someone. If you look good and at the same time you are gentle with your words in no time you can make the world love you. Girls always need gratitude. I make them enjoy that and thats the secret what makes me a favourite one."

Casey is well known Bodybuilder who in no time has became a sensation among youth. He has collaborated among many brands and is also face of mans fashion. We wish Casey a very good luck.

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