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Singing boosts confidence and brings joy in life : Singer Ramvir

Singer Ramvir, Popular for his songs round the social media. People loving him for his beautiful voice and songs. He is undoubtedly ruling the hearts of youth. His releases are trending on social media. Today while talking to media he said that singing can widen your circle of friends and boosts your confidence and brings joy in life.

"Singing brings joy to many people but same time our passion for singing can lead to incredible benefits in our physical, emotional, and social health. Singing lowers stress levels. Making music in any form is relaxing. Singing releases stored muscle tension and decreases the levels of a stress hormone called cortisol in your blood stream," RamVir said in a statement.

He also said next that Singing can widen your circle of friends and boosts your confidence, "Whether you’re in a choir or simply enjoy singing karaoke with your friends, one of the unexpected health benefits of singing is that it can improve your social life. The bonds you form singing with others can be profound, since there’s a level of intimacy naturally involved. Stage fright is a common feeling for new singers. However, performing well and receiving praise from your friends and family may be the key to eventually overcoming your fears and boosting your self-confidence. With time, you may even find it easier to present any type of material in front of a group with poise and good presentation skills."

Ramvir than dropped his latest single 2018 MindBlow, ft. Amar Sandhu & Pam Sengh! The song has hit over 500k views and is reaching the masses very soon!

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