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Thinking of Going for Hair Transplant? Here’s know how to Choose a Right Surgeon

doctor hair transplantChoosing the right Hair Transplant Surgeon can often be very tiresome and tedious. With the introduction of several clinics and multi-operational centers in the market who propose unreasonable discounts and offers often put several people in a dilemma.

Therefore, Dr. Arvind Poswal, Hair Expert and Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr. A’s Clinic rolls out some important points to keep in mind before selecting the right surgeon for yourself:
  1. Always research and explore on discussion forums for impartial views. The unbiased assistances on such platforms help a lot of people from getting away with misconducts and transgressions as their guidance’s are really helpful.
  2. One should go in and undertake proper research before going for Hair Transplantation. One must select a hair transplant artist and not a doctor as this process is more of an art and not a treatment.
  3. Go for a sample testing of minimum 10 grafts to see the procedure and the quality of service provided. This shall ensure the quality of service being offered and whether you should continue with the same or not.
  4. One should meet former real patients who have undergone Hair Transplantation from the same clinic as the former patient gets to experience it. The former can definitely guide you better and make you aware of several things that might be unknown to you.
  5. It is very essential to not believe in any pictures online as they may have been edited and copied. There are several clinics out there that dupe the people with their fake results.
  6. Also, never get entangled with any kind of discounts. Hair Transplant is a procedure that involves a lot of costs, efforts and time which needs to be carried out by an expert with utmost precision. Therefore, hefty discounts are only offered to convince people for mindless activities.  

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