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Shri Jashwant Mehta’s Latest Book ‘Presidential Democracy - India’s Dire Need For Better Governance’ Launched In Mumbai

Mumbai, April 12: Amidst the election season, in a politically charged atmosphere author - Shri Jashwant Mehta launched his latest book ‘Presidential Democracy – India’s Dire Need for Better Governance’ in Mumbai yesterday. Written in lucid, easy to digest language, the book emphasises on the advantages of the Presidential system of democracy as an alternative against the present political system and its several drawbacks. It highlights in detail the basic flaws and adverse consequences of our parliamentary model through relevant comparisons with Governments and Constitution of other liberal democracies of the world. Through the book, the author discusses a more efficient, less corrupt and better alternative to our Parliamentary System. Also, the book is embellished with several humorous illustrations, and vouches to be of immense interest and value to the constitutional experts as well as general intelligentsia of the country.

“Our present system has encouraged large-scale defections, bred widespread corruption and left administration of the country entirely in the hands of power-hungry politicians. There is an ever-increasing frustration and discontent among the people against the present political system. While no system is fool proof or a panacea for all the flaws, based on the study and analysis of mature and liberal democracies of several countries, I have tried to make a strong argument about a truly democratic Presidential System here in India. With certain modifications the Presidential system would be lot more suitable than the present Parliamentary system for better governance of the country,” says Shri Jashwant Mehta, Author.

The author has written extensively on the subject and has previously penned two books on the subject titled ‘Presidential System – A Better Alternative?’ and ‘Quest for a Better Democratic Alternative’. The books have been widely acclaimed amongst the change-makers and think-tanks as making a substantive contribution to the debate on the issue.

“The very faith of the people in the efficacy and sanctity of our current democratic set-up has become seriously undermined. It is an admitted fact that our existing system has spawned an obnoxious breed of self-seeking politicians jostling for power for personal gains in utter disregard of the interests and welfare of the people at large. Our present system of selection of candidates is entirely up to the party bosses and which virtually has led to dictatorship within the party. The deserving candidates get left out and this has been one of the root causes of degeneration of our major political parties. I have tried my best to present the pros and cons of the alternative system of functioning along with ways to keep the checks and balances so that over time it too doesn’t get manipulated for power. I feel certain that given a chance, the Presidential system can bring the change that India requires to make its democracy healthier and inclusive at the grass-root level,” concludes Shri Jashwant Mehta.

On the occasion of the release of the book, Shri Venkatachalia – ex-Chief Justice of India who had also headed The Constitutional Reforms Committee and was invited Chief Guest mentioned, "Shri Jashwant Mehta has made out a strong case for reviewing our basic notions of the suitability of the parliamentary system. He has made a strong pitch for the Presidential System. The case for the former was that it makes for greater accountability, though less in stability and that India needs greater accountability on the part of its Governments. Shri Mehta’s arguments have a compelling appeal." He also added, "The important message of Shri. Jashwant Mehta’s book and indeed his whole life’s work is the need to restructure our political and democratic destiny. There are still men like him around who are passionate about values in public life and are willing to walk that extra mile".

Among the dignitaries present on the occasion who spoke were Shri Bhanu Dhamija, Founder of Divya Himachal Prakashan & Author of Why India Needs The Presidential System; Shri Y. P. Trivedi, ex-member Rajya Sabha & ex-President, IMC, Commander Bhushan Dewan, Former Vice President, TCS & Sr. Vice President, Adani Port & SEZ, Shri O. P. Monga, Co-convenor – Forum for Presidential Democracy and Shri Bhagvanjibhai Raiyani, Founder President – Forum for Fast Justice, Shri D. C. Mehta, Vice Chairman & M.D., Deepak Nitrite Ltd. and Shri Praful Vora – Mumbai Conveyor of Aam Aadmi Party.

About the Author: Shri Jashwant Mehta is an Architect and Consulting Engineer by profession, holding post-graduate degree in Civil Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA. He is the founder - convenor of the Forum for Presidential Democracy and has extensively studied the workings of Governments and Constitutions of the liberal democracies of the world including the USA, UK, Germany and France, among others. His other books on the subject ‘Presidential System – A Better Alternative?’ and ‘Quest for a Better Democratic Alternative’ have received much acclaim.

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