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Spirituality: A Deep Encounter With God

The study of the spiritual life of society should begin with a consideration of spiritual needs, and they are nothing but the needs of people and society in the creation and development of spiritual values, i.e. the need for moral perfection, for the satisfaction of the sense of beauty, for the essential comprehension of the world around us. You can view<a href="">Rudrabhishekam</a> to get more about spiritual thoughts.

In the spiritual (scientific, aesthetic, religious) values are expressed the social nature of man, as well as the condition of his being. This is a kind of reflection by the public consciousness of the objective trends in the development of society. In terms of the beautiful and the ugly, good and evil, justice, truth, and so on. humanity expresses its attitude to reality and opposes to it a certain ideal state of society, which must be established.

How can we define spirituality in general?

Spirituality has to do with inwardness. We can define it as inner life. This is thinking of the inner self on the psychological level. Having integrated, stable emotions is part of spirituality, but it is not really its deep core. Spirituality is necessary to have a living faith, which feels the divine or the transcendent very close to itself. 

Spiritual production

Spiritual production is the production of consciousness in a special social form, carried out by specialized groups of people professionally engaged in skilled mental work. The result of spiritual production are ideas, theories, spiritual values, and ultimately man himself.

The most important function of spiritual production is spiritual activity, which is aimed at improving all other areas of society (economic, political, social). The process of spiritual production will be complete when its product reaches the consumer. Important is the function of spiritual production, as the formation of public opinion.

Human spirituality

Spirituality is a property of the <a href="">Human-psyche</a>, consisting in the predominance of moral and intellectual interests over material ones. The spiritually rich person is characterized by a high culture, willingness to self-giving and self-development. His spiritual needs encourage him to reflect on the eternal values ​​of being, the meaning of life. Spirituality is the responsibility of a person for himself, his actions, the fate of the Motherland. The spiritual life of society is formed by such beginnings as moral, cognitive and aesthetic. These beginnings give rise to morality and religion, science and philosophy, art and creativity. Three ideals of values to which a person seeks correspond to these types of activities:

truth is an adequate reflection of reality by the subject, reproduction of it as such, as it is outside and independent of consciousness;

good is a general evaluative concept denoting a positive aspect of human activity, the opposite of evil;

beauty is a set of qualities that bring pleasure to the gaze and hearing of a person.

A person is guided by virtue of his education and upbringing by the multitude of values ​​created by previous generations. The true wealth of man lies in his spiritual world.

Finally, how is it possible to live deep spirituality in the day-to-day running?

Many people today seek an experience of the divine, the transcendent. There is a very great interest, a thirst for God. I give some suggestions to live the experience of faith, a mystique or spirituality. The first is to read the sacred texts, but not an intellectual or theoretical reading. It is a prayerful reading to discover who God is. The second is prayer. In order to know God one must have a familiarity or intimacy with Him. Prayer is communion with God. The third suggestion is quite simple. It is a tradition from the East, but it is very strong in the West, which is the repetition of sacred words.

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