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How to stay hydrated for longer in summer?

Summers is one season where we sweat more and more as the temperature rises outside. And, there are chances that we easily get dehydrated. But, ironically it is also the time for holidays, specially the beach ones, family vacations, outdoor sports, bar-be-cues and long sporty time outside under the hot scorching sun. 

While you get the only time to enjoy so much, it is easy to be hit by heat strokes, dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. There are a variety of ways which we all can adopt to stay healthy and hydrated in summers and that too for a longer span of time. It is common in summers to feel constantly fatigued and that makes us sweat more than normal. It is also a fact that the rising temperatures and the hot weather outside constantly removes the moisture from our bodies, which makes us more exposed to dehydration. 

Follow these simple and effective ways to stay dehydrated this summer and stay on top of the game:

Boost your hydration levels by continuously sipping on water

Water is one essential nutrient that our body not only needs but also demands. It is one thing that is perpetually important for every functionality of our body – carrying oxygen to cells, regulating temperatures of our body, lubricating our joints and one of the most important, removing wastes from our body. 

Water is the source of life and also the main weapon against dehydration. Wherever possible carry a bottle of water and whenever possible keep sipping some. You will never run out of water in your body. And the best part, it will further help maintain electrolyte balance and keep you away and protected from heat strokes.

Get more than just water – hydrating boosting nutrients

You just need to know that to stay hydrated and hydrated for long, you need more than just water – you need more electrolytes and carbohydrate too. When we sweat, we lose majority of the electrolytes from our body – chlorides, sodium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. These electrolytes are critical for healthy muscular functions and nerves. Additional electrolytes and carbohydrates through certain foods helps in the absorption of fluids we drinks and replenish the electrolytes lost with sweat. 

There are a lot of natural electrolyte drinks available in the market that not only has electrolytes but also have additional carbs to help you out. Summer foods like watermelon, cucumbers, strawberries, coconut water, celery and skimmed or fat-free milk are good options to take in summers. 

Make a thoughtful selection with your foods

It is not only water or other fluids, we need to be careful and thoughtful with our food intake too. Foods also plays a major role as you must not be aware that around 20% of our daily fluid requirement is met by the food we eat. Fortunately, summers also gift us with some of the most delectable and water rich foods – strawberries, watermelons, mangoes, cucumbers, musk melons and tomatoes are naturally gifted with plenty of water along with other nutrients, minerals and carbohydrates and not to forget, the all-important electrolytes. 

Drink water before going to bed and immediately after waking up

After eight long hours of sleep and not having anything to drink and eat, there are optimal chances that you wake up dehydrated in the morning and further in the morning not having enough water can lead to further worsening the conditions. Experts recommend drinking plenty of water almost two hours before going to bed and after waking up. Try getting some before going to bed and have some water, other fluids and fresh juices for breakfast. 

Adhere to these simple steps this summer and ensure that you stay hydrated and hydrated for long. Along with it you get a lot more than that – clearer skin, enhanced productivity, and better digestion and above all more energy and more fun in the vacation time. 

By : Dt Sheela Seharawat

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