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‘Mindspace-SLAN Corporate Tournament’ flags off at Mindspace Madhapur

  • Over 5,000 sports enthusiasts from over 100 top IT companies
  • to compete across 10 sports categories

Hyderabad, May 31st, 2019: After a successful first leg of the tournament in 2018, K Raheja Corp’s business park – Mindspace, brings back the second edition of the Mindscape-SLAN Corporate Tournament which is hosted at Mindspace, Madhapur from 29th of May 2019 and continue through June, leading to the grand finale in July 2019. With the endeavour to enhance workplace experience, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and create an opportunity for networking this annual sports affair has now been converted into a quarterly format. This means that various sports based inter-office competitions will be hosted through the year, on this 97 acre campus.

The Mindscape-SLAN Corporate Tournament, will witness around 5,000 sports enthusiasts across over 100 IT companies competing in various sports categories. The tournament is sequentially planned to continue for the next three months, and then upgrading it for each quarter, adding more sports with every successive month.

In the coming month, the following competitions will be conducted in 10 categories for both men and women

Commenting on the tournament, Mindspace said in a statement, “At Mindspace, we have meticulously woven in features that aid in a good work-life integration. With this initiative, we bring health and fitness, and, networking and rejuvenation, through the competitive sports format to our clients. Extending this tournament from a once-in-a-year affair to a quarterly one, Mindspace endeavours to organise employee-engagement events on a regular basis to provide them with an enriched work experience that goes beyond the regular office-desk.”

Adding to this, Ms. Aparna Mulukutla, CEO, SLAN Sports said, “Recreation activity is described as a recharge to one’s life, so that work performance is improved. These days everyone is busy with their work routines, and do not end up getting time for leisure and fitness. This is widely noticed among IT employees who spend long hours before computers and are habituated to a sedentary lifestyle. But, playing a sport or exercising is a must to stay physically and mentally fit. SLAN is happy to partner with K Raheja Corp., and to announce the SLAN-Mindspace Sports Meet and we hope thousands of sports enthusiasts will come forward to take part in the meet and enjoy their time at work.”

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