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Profile : Vipul Jain CEO, Advancells

Vipul Jain is a serial entrepreneur who specialises in spotting business opportunities in the inchoate stages. An MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, Vipul established Advancells in 2013. The research-based company focusses on providing cutting-edge Stem Cell Therapies for patients with life threatening diseases and also targets lifestyle diseases with anti-aging technology. 

Extending the family business of garment exports, Vipul started his career in 1999 by establishing a fabrics import enterprise. In 2002, he established Mirage Animation which produces television-quality animations for clients such as Warner Brothers, Disney, Channel 5 etc.

The very next year he identified another exciting opportunity in the Medical Tourism space which led him to co-found a company called PlanetHospital. This soon became the world’s largest medical tourism company and was listed on Nasdaq in 2011. After this, Vipul exited PlanetHospital to establish his own Medical Tourism business by the name of Mirage Medserv which focusses on countries such as Russia, Africa and the Middle East. Mirage Medserv is today one of the largest facilitators of patients of almost all major hospitals in the country.

As an extension of his pro-active demeanour, Vipul is also a part of Round Table India and various other social organisations.

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