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Sneha Agarwal : Story of an artist

Sneha’s journey with painting started when she was only 10 years old. As she began having fun with colours, her parents noticed her zeal for art and helped her understand the basic concepts of drawing and painting by enrolling her into a small art school. She completed a 7 year certification course in Fine Arts along side her schooling. The happiest part of her childhood remains her relationship with art. However, Sneha has played multi-faceted roles - as a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and in leading positions at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and McKinsey and Co., which at times has left her with very little time to pursue her passion for the arts amidst the corporate hustle. 

While working in the corporate world for over past 10 years, she kept up with her intuitive desire to pursue art which was her childhood dream. Sneha began painting alongside her high-profile corporate job and her love for painting has only grown stronger ever since. She has understood that the only way to realize her passion is to add extra hours to the day and begins her early mornings with art and exercise. It is this time during the weekdays and the most of the weekend that transports her to another spectacular world of endless possibilities and fantasies.

Painting is a spiritual process for Sneha. At the same time, Sneha’s paintings also define her personality, her perspectives as well as her politics. A feminist and lover of nature, Sneha’s paintings are inspired by the power of nature and its connections to human life. She believes that Nature is a part of us in our being and it reflects its elements in various facets of our life. She believes that everyone is a part of a connected cosmic system - part earth & sea, wind & fire, with some salt & dust swimming in them. We have a universe within ourselves that mimics the universe outside. She loves to paint figurative forms depicting human emotions with elements of nature like the Sun (fire), Ocean(water), Mountain(Earth) Air, spirit/soul. Sneha is also endlessly fascinated by the female form. Conveying the strength and depth of a woman’s persona through her paintings creatively satisfies her soul. This is why one mainly finds female forms in her paintings.

Each of her work is a reflection of her thoughts and inspiration. One cannot think of spoken language to understand a painting, it has to be experienced. Each painting has a story and an emotion to say. In her latest series, “Elements that defines a Woman’s soul” , she explores elements of nature that spiritually embodies a Woman’s soul/ spirit:

Water- Like water, women are life givers. She is formless like the water. Adaptive to the circumstances. Like when she gets married, she adapts into the different lifestyle, yet she is the one who makes a family whole. But women shouldn’t be underestimated either, they are powerful like water as she can drown you , she is soft enough to cleanse you and deep enough to save you.

Fire- They are like the rising sun which can bring light, warmth and happiness to the lives of people she is surrounded with. Women have that drive/ passion/ burning desire that pushes us to achieve our most innate dreams. But as history has taught us, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a queen, a nurse will do anything to protect its own and burn the threat to her loved one’s existence. 

Air- Often looked down upon and inferior to men, women has the capabilities to soar high in the sky. Women needs to be liberated from the shackles of the society. Like Air, she cannot be held captive and let be free to live up her dreams.

Earth- She is a fertile being who brings life into existence and also like the earth, women binds the roots of the family. They draw their strength from being grounded. Women truly is Mother Nature as she nurtures its children. 

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