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Aster CMI Hospital showcases its commitment towards environment conservation

Bangalore, June 05th, 2019: As part of World Environment Day celebration, Aster CMI Hospital undertook actions towards achieving a greener tomorrow by conducting a sapling drive at its premises. Doctors and patients were encouraged to come forward and take resolutions to reduce the carbon footprint and participate in promoting eco-friendly measures pro-actively. The hospital staff started with planting few saplings in the premises and also gifted saplings of Tulsi, Neem etc and succulents for indoor plantation, succulents which consume less water but still help the environment to all the patients to help them in reducing indoor air pollution. Many intellectually challenged individuals from Diya Innovations (Diya trains and employs the differently abled), also took part in the drive. The pots for the plants were made out of the waste paper to promote a simple message of making productive use of daily waste.

Since its inception, Aster CMI Hospital, has been using several eco-friendly measures such as using renewable resources like the sun, wind, and geothermal heat to sterilize medical equipment, sanitize the hospital’s laundry, light outdoor pathways at night and power offices. With the use of rainwater harvesting, recycling STP treated water for non-drinking purposes and making use of solar power for its facilities, the hospital has been able to reduce its electricity consumption by 15% and limit the water consumption by 10%.

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