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Busted Myths About The Negatives Of Working In A Serviced Office In Melbourne

Are you thinking of moving into a serviced office in Melbourne but have doubts due to the myths you’ve heard? Every now and again, people can hear various myths about serviced offices such as they are actually more expensive than traditional office spaces or that they are only for certain types of businesses. Today, we are going to put the top myths about serviced offices to rest.

 ·         Serviced Offices Are Really Distractin

A common myth is that working in a serviced office in Melbourne is distracting and more unproductive than working from home or in a traditional office space. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Unlike traditional offices where you are working with co-workers, serviced offices mean that you are working alongside like-minded entrepreneurs and freelancers. You are working with motivated people that have the same goals and objectives as you do. You won’t be micromanaged, under constant supervision or have to deal with distractions. This flexibility allows you to focus on your business, increasing your overall productivity.

·         Serviced Offices Are Actually More Expensive

This myth is easily busted as serviced offices are rented on a month-to-month basis and traditional offices require you to be locked into a lengthy and expensive lease. Let’s say you wanted to move your business into a traditional office space. You would need to consider costs such as transporting any existing equipment into the new location, the expensive office lease, installing all required wiring and cables, purchasing required office equipment and much, much more. Move into a serviced office in Melbourne on the other hand, and you can start using the office from as soon as you sit down. All the office equipment is supplied, the IT infrastructure is already established and the only cost involved is one affordable monthly fee on a no-lock-in contract.

·         Serviced Offices Are Impractical

Another myth is that serviced offices are impractical and don’t provide all the necessary resources that a business will need. Again, this is simply not true. Renting a serviced office in Melbourne will not only provide the office and IT equipment, but it will also provide access to meeting rooms, training rooms, café style kitchen and breakout areas, showers, business lounges and more. You can also take advantage of professional phone answering, admin and mail handling services as well.

·         Serviced Offices Are Insecure

Some people think that because a serviced office in Melbourne has an open office plan, it will be insecure and more open to security risks. This myth is untrue as serviced offices have on-site security personnel, security cameras throughout the facility and 24/7 secure underground car parking. They also conduct fire drills and safety training just as a traditional office space would.

Hopefully, this has shed some light on the common myths that surround serviced offices. Look online for a company that can provide a flexible coworking and office space solution and take advantage of the many benefits of working from a serviced office in Melbourne today.

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