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SOS Method for an active, stress-free life

Hyderabad, 4th June, 2019: According to the statistics released by World Health Organization (WHO), a scary 17.9 million people succumb to death due to stress related illness. Given such a scathing scene, mental well-being is the most essential need of the hour. SOS Method, a meditation app, comes to the rescue.

SOS Method focuses on the art and science of well-being through its various kinds of mediation techniques as well as several life tools, discovery programs, and sleep series for holistic wellness. Marlise Karlin, the founder of SOS Method, has 25 years of experience in researching with the masters of various traditions of meditations from countries such as India and Japan, as well as with the western scientists. Marlise introduced the SOS Method here at a recent Health Conference conducted in Hyderabad.

The innovation of this app all began when Marlise was undergoing issues and wanted to heal her body in natural ways without resorting to modern treatments that included surgeries and medicines. Her journey to seek solutions to solve her health issues led her to the path of meditation.

Scientists have approved meditation as the means to increase the brain power by re-wiring its neural pathways. A re-wired brain is less affected by stress, more optimistic, and helps break old habits to pick-up new habits.

Speaking about the app, Marlise Karlin said, “SOS Method is field tested globally for 15 years on people with high levels of stress and trauma. Applicable to anybody between the age group of 2 and 90, the app has quick meditation processes that show result in as little time as 5 minutes. Besides the various meditation traditions, there is lifestyle training, access to the experts, and retreats as well.”

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