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Truebil celebrated Father’s Day with a refreshing take on the father-child dynamics through its campaign #PapaKiPriority

This sweet campaign explored that unsung side to each father, highlighting their love towards things that are very dear to them

Mumbai, 17th June 2019: Fathers play a very important role in our lives, shaping the very person that we become. From being our first superhero and pampering us with all that we wished for to reprimanding us when we did wrong and giving us valuable life lessons—the dynamics of a father-child relationship make it irreplaceable. But throughout our childhoods, most of us have seen our fathers considering a certain thing precious to the point of prioritizing that over their own kids! While it would annoy us to great lengths back then, remembering the same definitely brings a nostalgic smile on our faces now. On the occasion of Father’s Day, Truebil, India’s leading omni-channel platform for buying and selling of pre-owned cars, explored that adorable side to each father through its digital campaign named “#PapaKiPriority”.

As part of this campaign, Truebil released a short movie which revolves around Sharmaji, a doting father who loves his family a lot, and his two children. The video shows how Sharmaji is a little biased when it comes to them. While he pampers and shows one of his sons off before all his friends and his extended list of Facebook acquaintances, he scolds and disciplines his son Montu, refusing to even accept his friend request! But of course, Sharmaji loves Montu a lot too, and ensures that he does not feel left out from all the shenanigans that Sharmaji and the other son are always up to. And it is then revealed that the second son was no one else but his beloved car! The video thus celebrated the wonderful trait that each father has, when it comes to treating something dear to them as their own child.

Sharing an insight into this campaign, Shubh Bansal, CoFounder, Truebil remarked, “Back when I was young, I vividly remember how my father would always be busy with work and golf, letting nothing and no one come in between them. While he loved me dearly, I would feel a little left out when he spent too much time playing golf over the weekends and I would often have to fight for my father’s attention. But as I grew up, I realized that it is just the way fathers love, treating everyone and everything that is dear to them so lovingly. Through Truebil’s campaign #PapaKiPriority, I wanted to bring that often unsung side to the fore, celebrating all that makes a father what he is.”

Since its inception, Truebil has been providing customers with innovative solutions to improve their overall car buying and selling experiences, while simultaneously being one of the forerunners in breaking stereotypes and igniting conversations about causes and things that usually go unmentioned. Through a heartfelt campaign like #PapaKiPriority, the brand aimed at bringing forth such bitter-sweet anecdotes and memories, urging everyone to come together and celebrate the uniqueness of their first superhero on Father’s Day.

About Truebil:

Truebil is India’s leading omni-channel platform for buying and selling of pre-owned cars. With 1000s of cars that are carefully handpicked and inspected, Truebil’s customers don’t only have ample choice but also the assurance of a detailed report of each car along with pictures that can help them make informed purchase decisions. Based out of Mumbai, Truebil makes the process of buying and selling pre-owned automobiles completely hassle-free. It also offers end-to- end services on the entire buying/exchange process through easy loan and paper transfer. The platform has also introduced its full-stack model Truebil Direct that maintains a unique online to offline integration. Truebil Direct enables buyers to shortlist and buy best-quality cars directly from its offline dark stores with a 1-year comprehensive service warranty, 1-year Roadside assistance, and 1 free servicing. Truebil is currently operational in the three major cities of India: Mumbai, Bangalore & Delhi.

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