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India News Rajasthan Hosts Golden Prescription Conclave & Awards in Jaipur

Chief Guest, Dr. Raghu Sharma, Hon’ble Minister of Medical & Health, Govt. of Rajasthan felicitated top medical practitioners

Jaipur, 21st July 2019: India News Rajasthan, the leading Hindi regional news channel of iTV Network today organised Golden Prescription Conclave & Awards to recognise the contributions of those front runners and acknowledge the excellence of medical marvels, who did tremendous work for the growth of the healthcare sector in Rajasthan.

The event held at Jhalana Officers Institute, Jaipur was graced by Dr. Raghu Sharma, Hon’ble Minister of Medical and Health, Govt. of Rajasthan. During the event, Dr. Sharma felicitated the medical practitioners with Golden Prescription Awards.

In an exclusive session with Dr. Raghu Sharma, Hon’ble Minister of Medical and Health, Govt. of Rajasthan, Dr. Sharma said “I would like to congratulate India News Rajasthan for conducting the health conclave for our medical fraternity, we are proud of our state doctors who have been providing their services even in interior parts of the state too.” Futher, he said “Today, private and government medical colleges have increased in the state and we are also planning to start 15 more new colleges.” He further added that, the government is taking adequate steps for better health facilities in the state. On the Right to Health, he said,“Rajasthan will become the first state to implement Right To Health, our government will get this done soon, also free medicines for chronic diseases like cancer and Tuberculosis will be provided by our government under the free medicine scheme.”

India News Rajasthan showcased truly inspiring individuals, who have soared beyond personal gains and have contributed to the field of medicine and healthcare. During the conclave, several senior medical practitioners from Rajasthan. 

The health conclave hold some important interactive sessions on various health issues including- Right to Healthcare, Bridging the gap between patient and Doctors, The challenge of new viruses, Performance pressure on children and youth, Gutka and Alcohol problem in society, The awareness and importance of HPV vaccine, The need for change in lifestyles of doctors. 

During the inaugral session on Right to Healthcare, attended by Dr SS Agarwal, Dr MR Jain, and Advocate Surya Pratap Singh, the panelists discussed about the government initiative to make an act for civilian targeting their health. While speaking, Dr M R Jain says “India has become diabetic capital and suggested that the government should create an awareness about the disease.” While, Dr SS Agarwal says “India needs to raise its expenditure for health services.”

In another session on ‘the Virus Menace- New and Deadly Virus, challenges and cure’, was attended by Dr Jai Kishan Mittal and Dr Vinod Joshi. The doctors discussed about the deadly viruses of Swine Flu and Encephelitis. “Rapid growth of influenza viruses occurs during the winter and monsoon season.” Said Dr. Mittal, while Dr Joshi said about the Swine Flu incidents “Vaccination is the best solution for the prevention of Swine Flu, the patients with low immunity usually gets effected with the swine flu disease. Patients kin should be careful while attending them to avoid further spread.”

In the next session on women issues – Pink Ribbon Culture and HPV Vaccine was attended by Dr. Veena Acharya, Dr Taruchaya Bansal, Dr Vinita Patni and Dr Raj Kumari Somani. While speaking the female doctors discussed on how HPV vaccine can eradicate cervical cancer from the world. During the session, the doctors also discussed on the awareness generation about the vaccine. The session also educate women on the causes and prevention of breast cancer and pink ribbon culture. 

The next sesssion was about Performance pressure amongs youth, children and professionals. The session was attended by Dr RK Solanki and Dr Lalit Batra. While speaking, Dr Solanki said “Stress reaction is common these days amongs people due to performance pressure, this can cause mental and physical disorder.” While, Dr Batra said, “Todays generation is doing a rat race to prove themselves in every field, which results in an increase in performance pressure.” The session addresses the need of life skills and management amongst youth. Dr Batra further added, “Instead of stress people should be motivated for an increase in performace skills.”

The next session was about the horror of the ill effects of Gutka, Tobacco and Alcohol, the session was attended by Dr Anil Tambi, Dr Pawan Singhal and Dr Rajesh Gupta. The doctors discusses the harmful effects of tobacco for human beings. Dr. Gupta said “Families and relatives play an important role in rehabilation process of the tobacco and alcohol addicted person.” 

The last session holds an important discussion on bridging the gap on increasing trend of MisTrust and distance between patient and doctor, the session was attended by Dr Dinesh Mathur, Dr Naresh Somani and Dr Tarun Patni. While speaking Dr Patni said “Media plays an important role in showing the positive role of doctors.” While Dr. Mathur says, “Doctors were earlier being compared with gods but in recent times the mistrust has increased between the patinet and doctors, this needs to be stopped with the help of media and government.” 

The health conclave followed by the distribution of Golden Prescription awards in multiple categories ranging from cardiology, Dermatology, ENT, Gastro, Gynaecology, Neurology, Psychiatry and Oncology. 

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