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Tenpin Bowling Association (Telangana) to promote Bowling in the state

  • Newly formed Tenpin Bowling Association (Telangana) to encourage bowling in Telangana
  • Formal announcement about Tenpin Bowling Association (Telangana) at Park Hyatt
  • Former players are on the Executive board of this Association 
  • Affiliated to Tenpin Bowling Federation (India), the governing body of the sport in India

Hyderabad, 10th July, 2019: Tenpin bowling, often referred to as bowling, is a game of high precision and of great entertainment. That’s precisely why ‘Tenpin Bowling Association (Telangana)’ aims to help strengthen the reach of tenpin bowling among the people of Telangana. The announcement of the association was made on July 10th (Wednesday) at Park Hyatt, Hyderabad in the august company of several dignitaries from the state of Telangana. V Srinivas Goud, Hon’ble Minister of Sports, Government of Telangana, was the Chief Guest of the event; Other dignitaries included be Sri B Venkatesam IAS (Principal Secretary), Sri Venkateswar Reddy (Chairman - Sports Authority of Telangana), Sri A Dinakar Babu IAS, (Vice Chairman and Managing Director - Sports Authority of Telangana), Mr. Vijaya Krishna Dasari (General Secretary - Tenpin Bowling Federation (India). 

Tenpin Bowling Association is a community that is formed with the ideology of offering more visibility to the sport by conducting several tournaments at the state level and then taking it to the national level and eventually reaching the international platform.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr Rahul Reddy, President of ‘Tenpin Bowling Association (Telangana)’ said “TBA (Telangana) aims to instill competitive spirit and strengthening the talent pool among bowlers by broad basing the sport in the State of Telangana. The Association will strive towards generating improved and impressive performance of Telangana Bowlers at both National and International levels. The aim of TBA is to help strengthen the reach of Tenpin Bowling among the people of Telangana. We are also affiliated to Tenpin Bowling Federation India (TBFI). Such associations will also help in facilitating improved infrastructure for the players to better their sport”.

Tenpin Bowling is part of Asian Games as well as Asian Indoor Games. The other major competitions include: World Championships, Asian Championships, Common wealth Championships in which India also won several medals. Our bowlers from Telangana represented India in many such international events: Players like Ganesh Jadhav, Mahesh Goud, Vijay Krishna Dasari, Sumathi Nalabantu, Praneet Goud are among the few.

“I have been a player of this sport. I know the challenges and needs of a player at an individual level and as a sport at a collective level. I am glad we have founded this association. Being on the board will help me offer my insights,” says Venkata Ananth Sangavarupu, Secretary of Tenpin Bowling Association (Telangana). 

Tenpin Bowling is a popular sport across the World, played by 90 million people in more than 80 countries. People of all ages play the Sport and compete in Competitions. This Sport is played extensively in U.S.A, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore among other nations.

Few Important Data about the players who have won recognition and medals in few international events:

Bowlers from Telangana Podium Finishes in National Tenpin Bowling Championships (Individual) are:

Ganesh Jadhav – Runner Up (2003)

Vijay Krishna Dasari – 2nd Runner Up

Sumathi Nalabantu – Champion (2005, 2008 & 2017)

Bowlers from Telangana Podium Finishes in National Tenpin Bowling Championships (Team) are:

Vijay Krishna Dasari & Sumathi Nalabantu – Silver Medal (2008)

Wivek Singh, Praneet Goud & Sumathi Nalabantu – Bronze (2012)

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