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Indus students shine in IGCSE exams

● Indus International School Bangalore (IISB) students shine bright in IGCSE exams

● Shashank Kumar Singh and Megan Lewis score the highest grade in all the ten subjects attempted

Bengaluru, 24th August, 2019: When it comes to academics, Indus International School Bangalore’s students always come out with flying colors. Keeping in mind with the schools motto of striving for excellence, Indus International School Bangalore’s 109 students have scored excellent grades in the IGCSE exams (June 2019 series).

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is a globally recognized English language curriculum. A student begins to learn the syllabus at the beginning of Grade 9 and takes the test at the end of Grade 10.

Shashank Kumar Singh and Megan Lewis scored the highest grade A* in all the ten subjects they attempted. While Akash Dhiraj and Satvik Elayavalli scored A* in nine subjects they attempted and Shrikar Chakravarthy, Jayram Attaluri and Amritaa Basu scored all A* in seven subjects they attempted. In IGCSE, qualifications are based on individual subjects of study. One receives IGCSE certification when one clears all subjects that form the core of IGCSE curriculum. Core subjects for IGCSE candidates include a first language, second language, mathematics, one or more subjects in sciences, humanities and vocational group.

“All our grade 10 students on the whole have performed well. But, Shashank Kumar Singh and Megan Lewis have performed exceptionally well. We are extremely proud of them and our teachers. Heartiest congratulations to them all!" said Sarojini Rao, Principal, Indus International School, Bangalore.

Indus International School Bangalore is an all-inclusive school that prides in supporting students coming from different levels and curricula. A whopping 54 percent of the grade 10 students achieved Distinction level in Cambridge ICE. Cambridge International Certificate of Education (ICE) offers students to demonstrate competencies across a wide range of subjects and skills.

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