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Staying healthy while playing video games rather it a thing?

You know how the story usually soon as someone mentions that they play video games every now and then, people start asking these big, serious questions. Huge questions! Aren't you going to mess up your posture like that? You'll need your eyes later on in life, you can't waste them on things like that! The list could go on and on and these people would not be able to come up with something reasonable to say seeing as they aren't really informed on the subject. You take those insults. and you brush them underneath a huge metaphysical carpet where all trash talk goes. After all, you don't need such negativity in your life, seeing it is pretty useless to be hating on something someone does as a hobby. Matter of fact, literally anything we enjoy will kill us, either slowly or quickly. The things that kill us slowly are junk food, being lazy way too much because our bodies aren't made to work that way, smoking, drinking, and so on. The things that will kill us quickly though are recreational drugs. Some of these aren't that addictive and I am pretty sure that there are still some old hippies around that made it through the LSD craze back in the day, so we can assume that not all of these medium and hard drugs aren't all that deadly...but stuff like heroin will kill you off quick. If any of you blokes are into that wonderful hobby of trainspotting (of course, we're talking about those black veins, not literal trains), then you should stop right away as there's no reason for us to lose readers right now. I've mentioned video games as a legitimate hobby earlier in the text, and why did I do that? Well, those do literally no damage to the body, compared to all these other activities people do for fun, so you might as well pick one up right now. There are plenty of great ones out  there right now, such as Fortnite. You've surely heard of it for many reasons. While the gameplay seems to be pretty fun and the character design is nice, there seems to be quite a lot of porn in Fortnite for some reason. I guess that's one thing that comes with a video game having interesting characters, eh? Folks just want to nail the female protagonists really, really bad, and that's how it's always going to be as long as we've got big booty chicks in video games. Of course, we're not ever really going to run out of those, so you know what the outcome will be. Now, these games are usually played by teens, but this doesn't mean that you won't be able to fit in. Does that previous sentence which just so happened to mention pornography still have you on the edge of your seat? If so, how about you try out some teen porn games?

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