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Sweaty no more ! Student recovers from Hyperhidrosis

Aster CMI helps student suffering from social anxiety due to sweaty palms return back to normal life

Bangalore, August 01, 2019: Sweaty palms or hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that troubles a large number of people, making it difficult for them to function normally in day to day life. Many people suffer from social anxiety because of the fear and the stigma that this condition has around it. To save themselves of the embarrassment that someone will notice the excessive sweating, they turn to solutions such as applying talcum powder or excessive deodorant on the sweaty areas of the body but they do not find long lasting relief.

Such was the case of Mr. Raja (name changed), a 20 year old student who had been suffering from the condition since the age of 8. The patient was not only a full-time student; he also worked part-time in a printing press where he relied completely on his hands to complete his tasks. Academically, he faced immense trouble writing his exams due to his sweaty palms, because of which he was unable to grip the pen properly and left behind smudge marks on the paper. Worried about the far-reaching impact that the condition would have on his life, he visited many health centers to find a permanent solution to his problem but to no avail. He finally found relief when doctors at Aster CMI suggested undergoing a Laparoscopic Thoracic sympathectomy to halt the sweating.

“I used to find it very difficult to manage the excessive sweating and felt embarrassed when people wanted to shake my hands. Sometimes the sweat would even leave behind marks on the papers that I used to handle during my work hours in the printing press. I was not able to work at my best and thought it would be difficult for me to handle any office jobs in the future where I have to use my hands a lot, for example working on a computer. I was scared that my condition would affect my career as well as my personal life and was desperate to find a solution,” said Raja.

When Raja visited the doctor for examination, his palms began to sweat profusely within just a matter of a few seconds. Laparoscopic Thoracic sympathectomy is done using a keyhole method whereby surgeons cut the proximal sympathetic ganglion which indirectly blocks the signals of excessive sweating. Mr. Raja was discharged the next day after surgery and one week later he has been cured of his condition completely. He is relieved to return to normal life minus the sweaty palms!

“Hyperhidrosis is a relatively common condition – we see about 4-5 cases in a year. Most people do not seek doctor’s counsel to treat the condition as they assume it is by-product of other issues such as stress or anxiety. We still do not have the exact numbers of people suffering from Hyperhidrosis in India because people hesitate to report it. Usually people try to control the sweating themselves by using talcum powder or ‘nerve blocks’ but these are only temporary solutions. In Mr. Raja’s case, we suggested that he undergo a bilateral thoracic sympathectomy which went successfully and has stopped the sweating. There needs to be awareness created about the treatment options available to treat this condition and people need not suffer in silence,” said Dr. Mahesh Chikkachannappa, Sr. Consultant - General, Laparoscopic & Bariatric Surgery, Aster CMI Hospital who operated on the patient.

While it is normal to experience sweating in the palms during stressful situations, the condition becomes a cause for concern when the sweating occurs beyond control. Sometimes excessive sweating could be an indicator of a more serious underlying health condition such as diabetes or thyroid. Doctors recommend seeking medical counsel to treat the problem rather than suffering in silence. A similar procedure can be done for a sweaty foot by doing laparoscopic lumbar sympathectomy.

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