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Taking Care Of Your Gadgets During Monsoon Season : We love our gadgets and are always on the lookout to buy the latest electronic gadgets. However, if we want our gadgets to work properly and last long, we have to take proper care of our electronic devices. Taking care of gadgets becomes really challenging during the monsoon season, when rain and moisture increase the risk of damage to our devices. Here are a few tips and suggestions that will help protect your gadgets during the monsoon season.

Waterproof pouch/cover: These are affordable and yet very effective in protecting your gadgets from rain and moisture. Waterproof pouch for gadgets are among the best mobile accessories online that you can buy. These are available in various colors, allowing you to choose the one that you like most. Protective waterproof pouches and covers areavailable for a range of gadgets such as mobile phones, digital cameras, tablets and laptops.

Avoid using a wet gadget: If your gadget has been exposed to rain, you need to stop using it immediately. You also need to remove the battery as soon as possible to ensure that internal circuits and components are not damaged. You can use cotton cloth or paper napkin to dry the areas that are accessible to you. If available, you can also use a hair dryer to remove any water or moisture. Make sure the heat setting of the hair dryer is set to a level that you can easily bear on your skin. Next, you need to take it to a service center, where your gadget will be entirely opened to remove any remaining water and moisture.

Silica gel sachets: We usually get these in new water bottles and other products. These are used to absorb moisture, which helps keep the product safe from moisture. These can be reused to keep your gadgets safe during the monsoon season. For example, you can take an airtight pouch, drop in some silica gel sachets and keep your mobile phone inside the pouch.

Use Bluetooth devices: During the monsoon season, it would be better to use Bluetooth devices to connect with your mobile phone. This will ensure that your smartphone will be safely tucked away in your bag or pocket, instead of getting exposed to rain. You can choose waterproof Bluetooth wireless earphones for seamless communications during rainy season.

It is important to remember that your gadgets may be under warranty, but damage caused by rain or moisture are not covered under warranty. There may be specific waterproof gadgets that may offer such warranty, but majority of gadgets do not have such warranty. So, it's better to follow the above guidelines to keep your gadgets safe during the monsoon season.

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