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Women artists celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship

       Hyderabad-based designer clothing studio Siddheshwari in collaboration with Octopus organized a group art show ‘The Divine Duality’ to encourage women artists and the spirit of women entrepreneurship

       Curated by Sravanthi Juluri the art show had performance by acclaimed artist Koeli Mukherjee who stole the show with her performance art of storytelling and knitting

Hyderabad, 19th August, 2019: “Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth,” once said the iconic artist Pablo Picasso. And therefore artists become the medium that carries truth and brings forth to us the reality of life that often goes ignored. In line with this ideology, designer boutique Siddheshwari in collaboration with Octopus presented a group art show ‘The Divine Duality’ curated by Hyderabad-based artist Sravanthi Juluri who holds the credit of having had her work showcased at The Florence Biennial X Edition, Amsterdam International Art Fair and Liquids Group Show, Venice and the Art Box Project, Basel to name a few.

The idea of organizing the show was to celebrate women artistes in the space of entrepreneurship. “I am a designer myself and also an entrepreneur who showcases designs I have made as well as that of other artistes. The two-day art show is a platform to encourage established and upcoming artists to embrace the spirit of entrepreneurship in the space of art,” said Uma Mahanti, the founder of designer clothing studio Siddheshwari.

The women artists who participated in the art show included Maya Nelluri, Saraswati, Farzona Khanoon Patan, and Sachita Sharma. All the artists follow multidimensional art, with some of them holding a strong footing in their space while some working towards a stronger presence. “It’s interesting to see different artists come together for a purpose - which is to create space for entrepreneurship. All the women artists who participated in the show are entrepreneurs, which is precisely what the art show aimed to encourage,”said Rahul Reddy, Founder, Octopus Group. 

City-based acclaimed artist Koeli Mukherjee was the highlight of the event as she made a performance art. Koeli narrated her bittersweet journey and as she recalled the days, she knitted a fine piece of clothing.

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