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Let’s Know What Expert Dr. Rita Bakshi says on Planning Pregnancy with an Infertile Partner

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Infertility is substantially on a rise. It has been increasingly becoming a common problem with people of today’s age. This situation is often very distressing and upsetting for expecting parents to know that either of the partners is dealing with Infertility. It is actually physically, mentally, emotionally and financially disturbing for the intending parents.
With latest technologies, expert doctors and development in the medical industry, nothing seems impossible. There are several contributing factors to infertility like stress, unhealthy lifestyles and lack of proper dietary habits. It is very essential that couples try to improve these unhealthy habits and undertake a proper lifestyle.

It is important to root the problem that is leading to the problem of Infertility. It is essential to deal and battle the reason for infertility before trying to conceive again. The existing problem must be rooted properly and examined instead of coming down and going for any other treatment. It is always safer to go for medications to get rid of the problem and conceiving naturally.

In cases, where the natural problem results in infertility and the medication too are unable to treat it, it becomes essential that the doctors go for Test tube babies, IVF and surrogacy. These are a few methods which help couples dealing with infertility successfully have a baby.

In vitro Fertilization (IVF) involves putting the eggs and sperm together outside the human body, by natural selection the egg will usually allow only one sperm to enter and this leads to the fertilization process in the laboratory.

Surrogacy is a legal and ethical arrangement in which a woman (the) carries the baby of another couple. The surrogate mother actually carries the baby of the genetic parents or commissioning couple to whom the egg and sperm belong to. Surrogacy Process is aided by the fertility clinic or an agency wherein a surrogacy contract is made and signed both by the commissioning parents and the surrogate mother to avoid any kind of unnecessary problems later. Adding to this, after the birth of the baby, the baby biologically belongs to the intending or the commissioning parents and the surrogate mother has no rights on the baby thereafter.

In conversation with Dr. Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynaecologist and IVF Expert, International Fertility Centre

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