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Early Diwali for Hathway Customers

New Delhi , 21st  October 2019 : Hathway is the Pioneer of cable and broadband market in India. We are constantly striving to offer innovative services at superior value to our consumers for both cable and broadband.

The new framework introduced by TRAI is built upon the backbone of providing the consumer with the power of choice to select only the channels/packages which he/she wants to watch. Hathway led the way in implementation of this new framework  and truly enabled customer choice by enabling each customer to make their own pack. Hathway has  millions of  unique channel combinations running for its customers which is highest form of customization across any industry. It is noteworthy that the average no. of transaction per subscriber  post implementation of new framework is 5 per month , which itself speaks volume about the freedom of choice now available to the consumer under the new  framework . 

Ensuring that consumers can reap the benefits of the new regulatory regime remains the foremost priority of the Hathway. This objective can be achieved effectively when the entire value chain runs smoothly and efficiently. The Local Cable Operators form a very important part of this value chain as they remain the primary contact of the majority of consumers. We are very proud to announce that in this whole transformational journey , we also have got full support of our Local Cable Operators . They have also worked tirelessly along with us to ensure that  the New framework is implemented in letter & spirit. They are also embracing technology in big way to enable Consumers choose channel as per their wish. As of today thousands of our Local Cable operators are offering online payment option to their consumers to enable hastle free  recharge and  instant  activation  experience.   

Ensuring that consumers  can reap the benefits of the new regulatory regime remains the foremost priority of  Hathway and accordingly in its endeavour to customised pack  offerings to meet  consumer needs ,  Hathway has refreshed its pack offerings . In spirit of festive season, and in the light of reduction in Ala Carte prices  by some of the Broadcasters of their channels, Hathway is launching various “Celebration Packs “at lower price points between  INR 200 to INR 230 * for giving maximum value to its consumers there by bringing consumer delight .These packs are based on extensive market feedback from LCOs and customers over past 6 months.

Hathway has and would continue to keep innovating and offering better services to all its consumers and LCO partners.

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