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Karan “KO” Oberoi gruelling diet for his latest Viva Fitness Campaign

India's top male model Karan Oberoi (KO)

Model Karan Oberoi, 32, working extremely hard for his latest Viva Fitness campaign with extremely restricted diet and four WEEKS of intense workout  training to ensure 'the body' is ready and looks best while he shall be there at IHFF, the biggest fitness exhibition happening in Mumbai from 15th to 17th November, where so many fitness brands all over the world come to participate, he shall be there to promote Viva Fitness, a leading fitness manufacturer good company.   

32 year old handsome model Karan Oberoi who has already worked with some of the biggest brands in fashion and fitness modeling world, discloses his diet while he is preparing his body to represent this famous brand in  Mumbai next month. Karan has been working extremely hard on his body. KO has started hitting gym to look his fittest ever and  undergoing some serious workout training. Karan is running at 5 am in the morning everday as running is such an activity that makes you sweat a lot and  impoves the skin quality which is required to look like a lean machine.  Karan understands very well that diet plays a major role in shaping up body for specific events so it becomes mandatory to restrict salt intake and restrict carbohydrates  intake too. He has been on low salt diet and has been drinking a lot of water to get rid of water retention. Karan eats 8 small meals in a day majorly consisting of protein rich foods such as sprouts, chicken tikka, egg whites, low sodium content protein shakes, salmon fish and lots of orange juice.

But despite his undeniably suave exterior, Model Karan Oberoi  insists even top models get frustrated sometimes but there is no easy way out, and that’s how winning is done says Oberoi.

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