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Mr. Rajzu iyer purchases stake in maratha Arabian team for abu dhabi T 10 league

Maratha Arabians is owned by CMD of JNB Group of Company's Rajzu Iyer, Pacific Ventures & Pacific Sports Club owner Parvez Khan, the Bollywood actor, director & Producer Sohail Khan (Brother of Salman Khan) and Ali Tumbi – the owner of Aqua Properties.

Rajzu Iyer is an entrepreneur with versatile business interests around the globe viz Mining , Organic farming, Fisheries, Investments , Education, Restaurants, Export/Imports , Human Resources and Entertainment. Rajzu is always open to new  ventures and exploring new areas of interest like renewable and sustainable forms of energy, which is the need of the hour to counter global warming rise. Being a strong environmentalists, he advocates for using decomposable and recycle products. An avid nature lover and an environmentalist to the core, he has initiated various programs in India to plant million of trees, getting the beaches cleaned and creating awareness to refrain from using things that deplete the Ozone layer. He also strongly believes that educating the girl child will eventually shape the destiny of the nation. Being a philanthropist, He organizes various charity programs and medical camps , treatments for the under privileged and the tribal in his home state . He is an altruistic and compassionate animal lover. His dream is to see that his home state is rabies free and all the street dogs are nurtured. His NGO Shvan Shantham is dedicated to caring for homeless dogs and a 600-capacity dog shelter is under construction in Shahpur, Maharashtra, India. At the same place he is making a Bee sanctuary and started his foray into Bee keeping to preserve and save wild bees for healthy environments. He believes that we do not realise that bees are the foundation forthe growth of the planet & vegetation and has started planting bee friendly trees like lavender, clover etc. He only wants to feed and nurture them and has no intention of harvesting honey or disrupting the beehive.

Nationalism and sports are often intervened, as sports has always been used as a tool to foster nationalist purposes. And with this new form of emerging Cricket
leagues,you can have amix of players from around the globe unitedly fighting for the teams irrespective of races and nationalism. He passionately believes that sports can be used for fostering good relations amongst the global citizens.

As part of his passionate commitments towards sports, he has entered as a stake holder in Pacific Sports Entertainment FZC.

Along with the love and thrill of sports he views it as a great business opportunity. This team will also be run like his other businesses professionally. Click Here to visit on Facebook

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