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Bestselling Gadgets During Festive Season

                                   shopping gadgets : The festive season is a great time for shopping and this year too we could see people loosening their purse strings to buy their favorite products. The first phase of festivities is now over after Diwali and the next round will begin aroundChristmasand New Year. Among the most sought after items in the last two months were latest electronic gadgets. Sales data clearly reveals the bestselling items, some of which are mentioned below.

Smartphones: These witnessed massive sales during the festive season. Most phone manufacturers had virtually laid out the red carpet for customers by offering huge discounts in the range of 15-20 percent. Moreover, many phones were offered with 'No Cost' EMI. Exchange offerswere also available for some phones, which made it easier for customer to utilize the upgrade option. There was so much rush for some phones that they were sold out within minutes of launch.

Mobile accessories: Aiming to derive more value from their smartphones, customers bought a wide range of best mobile accessories online. Some of the bestselling mobile accessories included phone memory cards, data cable, powerbanks, Bluetooth earphone and headset, USB cable, screen guard, mobile back cover case, fast chargers, mobile car holder, etc. Mobile accessories are easily available for a few hundred bucks, which makes them easier to acquire.

Computers and accessories: Many customers bought laptops, PCs and tablets this festive season. A significant percentage of these purchases were meant for gifting purpose. Also in demand were computer accessories such as Bluetooth speaker, pen drives, external hard drives, solid state drives (SSD), Wi-Fi router and extenders, keyboard & mouse, foldable laptop table, laptop backpacks, and printers.

Fitness bands: With rising awareness about health, many people bought fitness bands and activity trackers. Some of the most popular fitness bands are available in the range of Rs 1,500 and Rs 3,000. Fitness bands provide real-time data about heart rate, blood pressure, steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, etc. Consolidated data for a specific period can also be viewed on the connected mobile app. Fitness bands allow people to track their health and ensure that they are meeting their daily requirement of physical exercise.
If you missed this phase of festive buying, you can make up during Christmas and New Year. We are sure that attractive discount schemes will be back around Christmas and New Year. 

If you need to buy any gadgets in bulk, you can place your order with a corporate gift supplier. Ordering in advance will ensure that you get the best prices and timely delivery.

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