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OBPAS Portal accelerating the building approval process

Lucknow, 16th November 2019: Online approvals process to the building plans by the Uttar Pradesh government has started showing results. The UP government has taken this initiative in order to implement the ease of doing business model under the Atal Mission for Rejuvenation & Urban Transformation (AMRUT). The seamless structure, which started two months ago, is now helping in overcoming the technical challenges and facilitating auto-approval of all types/categories of plans with minimum human intervention.

In order to implement the seamless implementation of online approvals, the software company has developed advanced and easy to use technology-driven software and implemented the solution for automating the scrutiny process of building plans and granting necessary approvals for construction through ONLINE BUILDING PLAN APPROVAL SYSTEM (OBPAS) portal.

Earlier, the process of approvals of plans, progress reports, etc. was either manual or partially computerized but not “Automated”. Due to this, there were some major problems in the process of plan approval like high chances of errors at all levels of plan sanctioning, the scope of subjectivity to interpret bye-laws and site situations for effecting norms, integration with other departments required for various verification or NOCs were non-existent. Also, most of the time the process used to be highly time-consuming causing delays. Therefore, to overcome all these challenges, the government came out with an effective solution to make building plans approval online.

The data available from various sources show that more than 200 low risk online applications have already been received for approval in the state. Out of 94 applications received by LDA, 42 have already been approved by the software.

This also facilitates the architects as they can track the application status and make required corrections in building plans as indicated by the system. The training to the officials and architects in the month of September and a few more training sessions have been planned.

In order to make it more user-friendly, the software company is incorporating much more advancement in the system, which includes adding more banks in the gateway, incorporation of schemes city wise with the help of concerned authorities and online NOC’s from various departments. The portal will soon start receiving high risk and compounding applications too.
The solution will make the task easier for the citizens as it will auto-approve all types/categories of plans with Minimum Human Intervention.

The high tech-driven system facilitates DAs, SADAs & UPAVP officials to perform their tasks with accuracy and consumes less time. It is expected to approve more than two crore square meter areas annually and the consortium will charge online plan scrutiny fee directly from applicants/architects as per the agreement. It would be regularly monitored by various officials of DAs, SADAs, and UPAVP and at Government.

In Uttar Pradesh, 61 towns have been selected under AMRUT out of which 34 Towns are covered by Development Authorities including 7 Metro cities and remaining 27 Towns are covered under Regulated Areas. The OBPAS is going to be executed in all DAs, SADAs & UPAVP areas.

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