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Vakil Search goes Mobile!

                     Offers legal services on-the-go with the VakilSearch App
  • VakilSearch an online platform for legal, tax and compliance service launches a mobile-friendly app
  • Available on Google Playstore and App store, the app offers 300+ services for its target audience in a click of a button
  • The App features and supports English, Hindi & Tamil languages
National , 18th November 2019 : VakilSearch, an online platform for legal, tax and compliance service has recently launched their mobile app. The platform which was initially accessible online as a website is now available in a click on the mobile phone. VakilSearch was launched in 2012, on an aim to make legal services less time consuming and to further simplify the process. In the past decade, it has helped users avail their legal services 100% online with a quicker turn around time.

Now, users can avail a range of services such as Tax Filing, Startup Registration, Trademark Registration, GST Registrations, Property Tax, Name Change certificates etc. on-the-go.

The app is seamless and simple to work with. It takes less than a minute to install.  In order to get started, the user simply registers with the mobile number and chooses between Hindi, English or Tamil as their preferred language. Post which, the app lists down the services the user wishes to avail. Once the ticket is raised, an agent communicates through the in-app chat and assists with calls and emails.

Talking about this launch Mr Rajkumar Ganapathy, Chief Technology Officer at VakilSearch said, “After Prime Minister Modi’s Digital India campaign, digital technology is definitely growing at a faster pace in India. However, legal was one sector which was left untapped for many years. Today we see a lot of legal firms choosing the online way for reaching out to their target audience. Our sole aim for launching a Vakilsearch mobile app is to help these people get legal services done with quicker turnaround time and in a simplified manner”.

The number of startups registered over the last financial quarter stands at 39,100. The number of Trademark registrations filed pan-India last financial quarter was 84,213. VakilSearch contributes to 10% of startup registrations done in India. The launch of the Vakilsearch app is expected to further increase the number of customers looking for legal help owing to its simplicity and easy accessibility.

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