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Bring It on this Christmas with Unique shades of home decor

The wintery season of Christmas brings with it an innate desire to create cozy spaces for spirited familial celebrations, where modern simplicity and sophistication are interweaved with nostalgia. This season is all about playful interiors that exude a strong sense of exclusivity. Free to experimentation and interpretation, it is the age for new and modern adaptations giving new definitions to these themes and to your spaces for a sense of muted luxury and warmth this festive season.

The color combination of white, red and green are a time-tested classic. A combination of white and warm grey with expressive jewel tones of emerald, sapphire and burgundy along with the more traditional forest green can bring out the true spirit of the celebrations. A color palette of merry monochromes and muted pastels, like mint grey and living coral, with moss green or fir green can be used as the base color to further add a retro-vintage touch to the interiors.

An unconventional color choice of a rust hue, paired with neutral hues of raw wood, earthy colors, and forest greens is a warmer and chic alternative to the traditional Christmas red. Moodier colors like dark blue, deep green, purple and black make for a bold choice, bringing in a hint of modern glamour to the homely celebrations. A moderated use of chirpy colors like fiery red, vivid yellow and hot pink can create stunning interior experiences.

Perfect for plush living rooms and dreamy bedrooms, the soft, neutral hued matte look in white and grey can be highlighted with deep colored highlight walls in textured colors, elegant patterns, hand-painted, plush wallpapers or contrasting artworks to create a highly contemporary and timeless appeal. Idiosyncratic furniture like playful geometric coffee tables, elegant dining tables, plush sofas and comfortable seating in a combination of modern materials and patterns elevate any space into an Avant-Garde setup.

Christmas is especially incomplete without lighting. This festive season, you can bring home chandeliers and statement pieces designed in innovative combinations of semi-precious stones and metals like brass or copper to add a feeling of warm luxury without it looking too ostentatious.

Colorful, modern carpets and drapes in plush textile can be used to further, add a bright dash of color to the room. Quirky decorations, such as the tree, ornaments and candle holders, in trendy shapes and materials like metal, leather, soft fur textures, lush velvet, and whimsical feathers along with natural citrus, floral and spicy fragrances can be used to create a spectacular sensory experience.

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