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Hyderabad Santa goes the ‘eco’ way

Recykal conducts its student awareness programme in the city

Hyderabad, 23rd Dec 2019: Recykal, a technology-enabled digital platform that powers a waste management marketplace launched their student awareness initiative named Eco Santa. Eco Santa program aims to create awareness about source level segregation and the importance of recycling among the students and make them responsible citizens in protecting the environment. The program encourages eco-friendly behaviour in the students and incentivizes their efforts for responsible actions that make a difference.

This month-long program aims at reaching 100,000+ students in 50+ schools across Hyderabad. As part of this program Recykal Eco Santa visited different schools and sensitized the students on the importance of recycling. Students from Delhi Public School, Mahendra Hills, St Anns School (Secunderabad & Kompally), St. Anns Womens College, Mallapur, & Oakridge International School amongst others were involved in the program. Eco Santa have already reached 30,000 students in 12 schools and colleges.

Students segregated plastic wastes, e-wastes at their homes and brought them to the institutions on the collection date. Eco Santa collected the recyclable wastes from students and gave them gifts which include paper pencils, plastic-free pens, books, stationery made of recycled paper, materials. Participating institutes were also given Environmental Impact Certificates. 

Recykal has collected more than 50,000 kgs of dry recyclable wastes which include 12,745 kgs of plastic wastes and 5,286 kgs of e-wastes during the program. The collected wastes will be channelized to authorized recyclers, cement factories for responsible disposal. 

Sharing his thoughts on the same, Mr. Abhishek Deshpande, co-founder of Recykal said “"Today's children are tomorrow's citizens. Imparting the knowledge of sustainable habits like segregation, recycling in young minds will prepare future generations to act responsibly and come together in protecting the environment."

About Recykal: Recykal, is a technology-enabled digital platform that powers a waste management marketplace and provides SaaS-based solutions for the Waste Management and Recycling Industry. They also have a user-faced app that facilitates waste collection directly from generators. Recykal also enables FMCGs, Consumer Durables, Electronics brands, and large conglomerates to run their consumer awareness, take-back programs and comply with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) rules outlined by the Indian Government. Recykal's work and has been appreciated and recognized by PMO, Niti Aayog and various industry bodies like Assocham, Nasscom, & CII. 

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