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Planning to Invest in an FD? Here Are 5 Factors That Make Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit Unbeatable

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Dec 28, 2019 - Pune, Maharashtra: Making your savings work for you is a golden, tested rule of wealth creation. Further, low-risk instruments such as the Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit have an invaluable role to play in multiplying your finances reliably. As one of the safest and most credible fixed deposit issuers in the country, Bajaj Finance promises you assured and generous yields, alongside a range of portfolio-enhancing investment features. To know more, take a look at 5 factors that make a Bajaj Finance FD unbeatable.

You earn a competitive rate of interest
Even after several RBI repo rate cuts, Bajaj Finance offers interest at a rate of up to 8.35%, depending on the type of investor you are. A good rate coupled with market-insulated returns means that you can easily multiply your finances and reach your wealth-creation goals. Further, you need just Rs.25,000 to open a deposit and so, you can get started right away. To understand how your money grows here, consider the following tables.
  • Regular customer opting for payouts at maturity, earning an interest rate of 8.10%
Initial depositTenorInterest earnedMaturity proceeds
Rs.20,00,00048 monthsRs.7,31,070Rs.27,31,070
  • Existing customer opting for payouts at maturity, earning an interest rate of 8.20%
Initial depositTenorInterest earnedMaturity proceeds
Rs.20,00,00048 monthsRs.7,41,189Rs.27,41,189
  • Senior citizen opting for payouts at maturity, earning an interest rate of 8.35%
Initial depositTenorInterest earnedMaturity proceeds
Rs.20,00,00048 monthsRs.7,56,422Rs.27,56,422

Your returns are backed by high stability ratings
In a faltering economy, investment and capital safety is a prime concern. However, with Bajaj Finance FDs, you don’t have any reason to worry as the FD has CRISIL’s FAAA and ICRA’s MAAA ratings, which are the highest in their respective categories. Bajaj Finance also boasts of S&P Global’s BBB rating. These are indicative of timely payouts at maturity, without principal loss.

You can earmark investments effectively with a flexible tenor
Bajaj Finance allows you to invest your finances for a tenor ranging from 12 to 60 months. This flexibility facilitates FD laddering and effective financial planning. In fact, you can align your investment to your short- and medium-term goals perfectly by forecasting your proceeds with an FD calculator. Simply enter values into the online tool to know your earnings on maturity.

You have multiple interest payout options at your disposal
When you partner with Bajaj Finance you can opt for a sizeable, lump sum payout at the end of the tenor or regular payouts all through the investment tenor. Payouts at maturity offer superior yields, courtesy of better rates and the effect of compound interest. However, frequent payouts allow for more liquidity, helping you tackle expenses that arise every month, quarter, six months or year with ease

You benefit from the Multi-Deposit and Auto-Renewal features
Apart from competitive interest rates and guaranteed returns, Bajaj Finance offers you financially flexibility by allowing you to invest in multiple FDs through a single cheque. Further, since each FD can have a different tenor and payout option, you can build in periodic liquidity into your investment strategy. Additionally, in a dire situation, you can withdraw prematurely from one FD while continuing to earn handsome returns from the rest. Optionally, you can get a loan of up to Rs.4 lakh against your FD.

On the other hand, the Auto-Renewal facility, which you can opt for when opening your deposit, allows you to stay invested for an extended tenor without needing to fill renewal forms at maturity. This helps you plan for long-term goals and benefit from renewal bonuses on offer too.

Now that you know what makes the Bajaj Finance FD and unmatched investment, get started without any delay. Fill out anonline application form and authorise an executive to get in touch with you with information on how to investment.

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