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Transform your Skin & Body with the Naturally Extracted Tea’s

The inactive lifestyles, harmful eating habits, strain, the dearth of workout, exposure to toxic habits like drinking and smoking along with intoxicating environmental conditions have been disturbing our whole body. All of these factors adversely contribute to having blemished skin, dehydrated body, obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart problems and eating disorders.

To keep up and deal with these unhealthy day to day practices that most of the people are exposed to, it is imperative that we must religiously indulge in detoxifying and flushing out unwanted toxins from our body. It helps in clearing out the excesses while reliving the body from these external contributing stresses for the body.   

There is nothing as pure as the natural extractions from the Mother Earth. These natural extractions have boundless benefits for the entire body that detoxify the body making it crystal clear and detoxified.

One of the very effective ways to experience thorough clarification is with the Seoul Korean Ginseng and House Barley Tea that helps in complete transformation and purification of the body. These tea’s are effectual and favourable in being powerful in soothing and slowing down the effects of the intoxicants consumed and inhaled which reduce its harsh effects. These Teas even have relaxing benefits that eventually result in calmness and composure of the mind.

The Seoul Korean Ginseng & House Barley Tea from Japan 

- Ginseng Tea has therapeutic benefits for the body which helps in resting the mind of the person. Adding to this, the Barley Tea contains melatonin and amino acid that helps in ensuring a proper sleep cycle. Thus, it is important to substitute your caffeine intake with these teas to lead a healthy lifestyle.

- The Ginseng Tea is known to have its benefits for increasing the immune system of the body. It even helps in weight loss in effect to the effective metabolism. It is very essential to couple the encouraging immunity with a healthy diet and light workout to experience visible results on the body. This tea really helps in strengthening the immune system and obviates several unwanted problems in the body.

Barley Tea helps in regulating the blood sugar levels in the body. It even manages and upkeeps in averting the toxins from the blood while cleansing it. It even keeps a check on the cholesterol levels and ensures proper heart health. The barley tea is actually effective in working as a blood purifier and thus, it essential to consume it on a regular basis.

Ginseng has been very effective in fighting redundant tiredness from the body while ensuring increased energy levels throughout the day. The presence of Polysaccharides and Oligopeptides help in producing higher energy production in cells while dropping the oxidative stress in the body.

Barley Tea is known to be power-packed with numerous valuable components like Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Selenium. It has many benefits like it keeps away free radicals in the body and foils the cells from damage. It is also very good for the skin as it safeguards that the skin is clear and flawless.

In conversation with Amit Goel, Co-Founder, National Food and Beverages

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