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60-Year-Old Mumbai Woman Fulfils Her Dream of Visiting Son In The US After Undergoing Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery

The patient wasn’t able to walk properly for 10 years, suffered from chronic back pain, obesity, diabetes

Mumbai: A team headed by Dr. Chintan H. Patel, Hip & Knee Joint Surgeon, successfully helped a 60-year-old woman from Mumbai to stand on her feet again with the help of both knee replacement surgery. The patient had great difficulty venturing out of her home for the last 4 years. Now, after surgery, her quality of life has improved, and the patient will soon be visiting her son in the US, which wasn’t possible earlier owing to her knee problem.

10 years ago, Vasanti Madia was jolted out of her normal life owing to the notorious knee pain. A loving and caring homemaker, she was diagnosed with both knee arthritis and was living with it since more than a decade now. Endless hours of dedication to her domestic chores had only worsened the problem. The knee pain not only affected her ability to carry out the daily chores but also her social commitments, and she gradually became dependent on her family. Vasanti and her family approached many doctors but nothing helped her overcome the pain. Her health kept on deteriorating as her back pain and diabetes worsened till one fine day when even walking became the most difficult thing in life. Over the past 4 years, stepping out of home became almost impossible. Vasanti’s family was determined to help her get rid of the pain and took her to Dr. Chintan H. Patel, who after counseling operated her for both her knees at the Wockhardt Hospital, South Mumbai, where she got a new lease of life.

Dr. Chintan H. Patel, a specialist in Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central said, “When Mrs. Madia visited Wockhardt hospital, the condition of her knees was bad. Her X-ray revealed that she had severe arthritis of both her knees and also suffered from other conditions like back pain, obesity and diabetes. She was evaluated thoroughly, and the plan was for bilateral knee replacement surgery.”

He added, “A bilateral knee replacement surgery is when both the arthritic knees are replaced by a prosthetic implant designed to match the patient’s knee anatomy and requirements. The prosthesis is made of a highly wear-resistant inert metal alloy, with a hardened polyethylene insert, designed to bear decades of normal knee forces. It helps to restore back the function of the damaged knee and stops the arthritic pain. Mrs. Madia who had her surgery performed 4 months ago, with an average per knee surgical time of 1 hour, recovered with great satisfaction and was discharged by 3 days, walking on both her feet. The merits of this surgery are that the patient resumes his or her normal life quickly with a short hospital stay and rehabilitation. Mrs. Madia is back at her role as an amazing home manager, her back pain has reduced, her sugar levels are in the normal range, and she is able to climb stairs which make her outdoor tasks easier.”

Mrs. Madia stated, “My knee pain bothered me a lot. It was difficult for me to cook, bathe, sit or sleep. I was bogged down as I wanted to go to the US to visit my son, but couldn’t do so due to knee pain. But it all changed with my surgery by Dr. Patel at Wockhardt hospital. I thank the ever-friendly Dr. Patel and the Wockhardt staff for the pain-free surgical experience that helped me start a new innings in my life; and my family for supporting me through thick and thin. Now, I can move freely, and will soon be realizing my dream of visiting my son in the US.”

According to the doctor, it is the need of the hour to tackle knee pain, promptly. “Many women above 50, who are of a short stature and suffer obesity, may encounter knee problems, and other issues associated with it like back pain. Hence, it is essential to maintain a healthy weight, and get evaluated from time to time, with the reduction in activities that increase knee arthritis,” concluded Dr. Patel.

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