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Astaberry’s Papaya Face Wash & Fairness Crème for Exceptional Skin

Astaberry Biosciences has launched its New Papaya Face Wash in the market that aims at reducing unwanted pigmentation on the skin along with adequately moisturizing the skin. This has been enriched with natural ingredients like Carrot and Soya Protein Extracts to naturally deal with skin worries.

AstaberryPapaya Face Wash contains active Papaya Extracts that work effectively on the skin to reduce imperfections and coloration. The face wash deep washes the skin to give a newer look.

The Face Wash also comes along with an Astaberry Fairness Crème which refreshes, enhances, conditions and gives an instant luminosity on the skin. It even imparts visible results on the skin leaving the skin noticeably even-toned and nourished. It essentially works on color correction and restores natural skincare.

Astaberry Fairness Crème contains Bearberry Extracts to improve skin complexion. This unique formula brightens the face and results in a permanent improvement in skin tone and texture. It also defends from sun rays and prevents tanning.

The combination of both the products is excellent and is very much looked for. Both the products come in an orange and mauve packaging which looks complete irresistible.

This Papaya Face Wash is very effective and even has long-lasting effects. It is available for just Rs.110 for 100ml. This face wash comes with a FREE Fairness Crème which is for Rs. 85 for 50ml. This pack is available all across retail, modern outlets and e-commerce portals.

If you are looking for something for glowing and softer skin, then do not miss out on the newly launched Papaya Face Wash with Fairness Crème by Astaberry Biosciences

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