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Wockhardt Hospital Gives A Fresh Lease of Life To an 18-Year-Old College Student from Ghana Suffering from Brain Tumour and was also losing vision too

Mumbai: A team headed by Dr. Mazda Turel, Neuro & Spine Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central, successfully operated an 18-year-old student from Ghana having a massive brain tumor. The patient underwent an extremely challenging craniotomy and excision of the tumor that lasted for 8 hours. He is able to walk, speak and balance himself, and will resume his studies soon.

Life was beautiful until Jude Mensah, 18-year-old from Ghana was jolted out of his normal life as he suddenly encountered a headache and loss of speech, following a convulsion. He would also vomit occasionally, and ultimately got gradually paralyzed on this right side. On consulting various medicos in Ghana, it was revealed that Jude suffered from a benign brain tumor 2 years ago and his health was deteriorating as the tumor was gradually increasing in size. He was also losing vision due to raised intracranial pressure. But due to the complexity of the surgery, no one was willing to operate on him in Africa. That is when Jude’s brother's Jonnathan decided to take the matter into his hands, and researched the hospitals across Europe and Asia. And that is how the family came to know about Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central.

Dr. MazdaTurel, Neuro & Spine Surgeon, Wockhardt Hospital, Mumbai Central, said, “The patient flew down to the hospital in September 2019 in a critical condition. On thoroughly evaluating and examining him, it was revealed that there was a brain tumor of 8 cm x 10 cm arising from his ventricles, the Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) collecting cavities of the brain. The tumor obstructed the fluid pathway and resulted in what is called obstructive hydrocephalus that occurs when the flow of CSF is blocked along one or more of the narrow passages connecting the ventricles. He was explained that the surgery was only the last resort to save his life.”

He added, “The patient underwent removal of the tumor via a very difficult operation. The tumor was extremely vascular and we lost around 2 liters of blood. The surgery lasted for about 8 hours, and we were able to remove the tumor completely. After the removal of the tumor, his normal fluid pathways were restored. Post-operatively, he recovered slowly and steadily.” The patient was discharged 2 weeks later.

A teary-eyed patient Jude Mensah stated, “Prior to the surgery, I wasn’t able to concentrate on my studies. I am perusing College and aspire to become successful in life. But, my brain tumor was an obstacle in my journey towards fulfilling my dream. And after I was paralyzed, my movements were completely restricted. I thank doctors at Wockhardt Hospital for helping me get back on track. Now, I can walk without support, speak and balance myself. I am taking physiotherapy, and I am hoping to resume studies soon. I am sure that I will pass with flying colors.” 

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