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Zing HR employees to participate in the TATA Mumbai Marathon in Mumbai

Mumbai is going to host this year’s Tata Mumbai Marathon, starting from January 19th. The Tata Mumbai Marathon is amongst the top 10 marathons in the world and has truly put India on the global map of distance running. The USD 405,000 event has six different race categories - Full Marathon (42.195 kms), Half Marathon (21.097 kms), Dream Run (6.6 km), Senior Citizens Race (4.7 km), Champions with Disability category (2.1 km) and a newly added Open 10K run.

Even after 72 years of independence, many of India's children are illiterate. We, at ZingHR care about a better world as much as we care about our employees, clients and all other stakeholders. As we know education for every child is crucial to ensure a better tomorrow in our country. In most cases, children drop out of school because their family could not afford educational resources.

While we all know there are a lot of NGO’s and government organisations dedicated to working for the cause and they do give us the transparency about the education being imparted to the children. Do we wish to contribute back to society by practically experiencing the doing of a good deed rather than just contributing some money for a cause?

We believe that one educated child in every family can enable them to secure a life of dignity for themselves, their families and the community at large. Employees from ZingHR will be participating in huge numbers to raise awareness for the cause of “Let’s Educate Domestic Help Children”.
ZingHR has been the driving force that is helping organizations go beyond Automation, and deliver a solution that could directly impact Business Outcomes and Enhance Employee Experience. ZingHR aims for an Employee-Centric and mobile-first approach.

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