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Post budget comment from Ms. Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, Canadian International School, Bangalore

The budget 2020-21 has given a great boost to education with a massive outlay of around Rs 1 lakh crore and has specifically focussed on ‘Study in India’ campaign which will encourage foreign students to study in India. INDSAT exam will be held in Asian and African countries for scholarships to encourage students to seek education in India. The push for FDI in education too programme will give exposure to foreign students on India’s education prowess and make India an international education hub and bring a lot of foreign investment into Indian education. This increased allocation of fund will also ensure better quality government schools that educate majority of children in India.

The focus on degree level full-fledged online education program by institutions ranked in top 100 will help improve education levels and give a major push to digital education. A total of 150 higher education institutes will have apprenticeship programmes which will improve the skills of the unemployed. Urban local bodies will provide fresh engineers a job opportunity for one year and this will help engineers learn on the job. There is also a large focus on meeting the huge demand for teachers.

The announcement of the proposed new education policy will encourage the establishment of a rigorous education system in the country. Overall, the decision to treat education holistically is also a welcome move and will lend greater synergy in planning and execution of important schemes and programmes. This is a balanced budget as far as education sector is concerned. Overall, we feel that the measures taken should meet the expectations of the common man and will lead to increased focus on the education sector. Going forward, we feel that this right intent of the government can truly be attained if we also have long-term strategy and organisational structure in place and we also look forward to specific initiatives to promote investment in new-age trending technologies.

Ms. Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, Canadian International School, Bengaluru

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