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"Innovation in social media from an Indian startup : Hide & Gift helps you develop online friendship"

Hide & Gift – An anonymous gifting platform designed specifically for online friendship. The platform allows online friends to send and receive gifts without revealing their postal address.
Gifting is an old concept that works between friends & families. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have given rise to a new type of relationship called online friendship. Online friends are valued and are an integral part of our life, but we don't trust them enough to share our personal details?

For today's youth, the only way to nurture this friendship is with sweet words, cake icons, and likes. We all have 1000's of online friends, how do you find out who are the ones who care for you?
Hide & Gift has come up with a solution to this problem with its anonymous gifting platform. Using hide & gift, users can exchange real gifts without revealing their personal details.

Gifts are an essential part of a relationship because sometimes they manage to convey so many things that words cannot. Gifting occasion could be a birthday or an appreciation for an achievement or a sorry message that can save a relationship. It depicts how you care and appreciate your friend's presence in your life.

Talking about the innovative concept, MuthiahAnand, founder, Hide & Gift said, "Hide & Gift provides a safe and secure way to exchange small gifts among online friends. Our goal is to help people build trust and bring a smile on their friends face.
He further added, "For the first time, using our gift link, users will be able to receive gifts from their online friends without revealing their address. Users can safely share the gift link on social media and wait for surprises. In a way, we help our users identify their real friends online."

The concept of gifting chocolates has now established a new parameter in the field of gaining popularity on social media. Chocolates shall act as a measure of their popularity. 10,000 followers, 1200 likes, 400 comments, and 50 real chocolates a month. This beats the current meters like followers count, likes, share, and comment..etc

It also shows a new way to show small gestures for bloggers to get appreciation.
Hide & Gift is introducing a new business category, that's gifting between online friends.

How does Hide & Gift work?

To  Receive  a  gift -
Login to the website to activate a gift link. Gift links shall be shared on social media handles like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or WhatsApp groups or other friendship apps, etc.
Gifts are couriered as and when it is received

Send a gift -
A sender will have to click on a gift link that has already been published. Select a gift and make a payment. The gift will be delivered to the owner of the gift link. One cannot send a gift without a gift link from a receiver.

Privacy -
The website ensures the complete privacy of users' data with an automated process. The address is encrypted and stored.

Gifter/giftee views only the name, gift link, and a custom message. The messages are moderated, any offensive message is deleted. Features like block & selective gift options keeps unwanted gifters away.

For more details about the service, gift options, etc. visit

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