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Inputs from Renowned Spiritual Healer & Hope Creator Dr. Priya Kaul on Prevention of Coronavirus disease

We are all aware of the fact that our country is facing Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak situation. In order to prevent the epidemic to a larger extent we have Renowned Spiritual Healer & Hope Creator Dr. Priya Kaul giving her tips on the topic.

How to protect yourself from Virus-

According to Dr. Priya Kaul, the virus is a pain that has impacted our crown chakra and our spiritually by blocking us to move forward.

For 10 seconds, if you hold your breath and in the back of your mind you start counting without coughing or any difficulty, than you are not affected by it.

In order to protect oneself from any virus or infection- it should be out of our lower vibration.

Imagine bringing into a white light of Divine protecting by closing your eyes and sitting alone in a quiet place.

Just imagine this divine white light entering your body the crown chakra ( third eyes, throat, heart till the end part). 

Let the light out from your feet and surround itself around you, to create a white divine circle.

This divine circle is like sending healing and protection to your loved ones and yourself in a positive way.

Be very positive, happy and vibrant with high frequency.

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