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LED RingLights: How do they help make great videos and click amazing pictures?

A LED ring light  is a lightning tool which is usually used for portraits, macro photography, and beauty shots. Not only an expensive camera is necessary for shinny and glowing pictures, but also the LED ring light plays an important role.

The user gets a uniform source of light which seems to be emitted directly from the centre of the camera. The device is circular in shape consisting of numerous LED lights and a fluorescent bulb.

Where is the ring light used?
  • The most common use of ring light is in photography and videography. If your work includes close-up with one subject in the frame, such as food or fashion photography, the use of LED ring light becomes necessary.
  • What makes videographers and photographers love these camera accessories : ring lights is, they reduce the harsh shadows while diffusing light around the object. That is why, for perfect close-up portraiture, a ring light is considered essential.
  • The ring light pops up your subject without eliminating or altering the contours, making the selfie or portrait flawlessly beautiful.
  • White bulbs that are embedded in the ring light, brings out the natural skin colour of the subject. They vary in shape and size. You can choose a light that is compatible with your phone camera.
  • For people involved with macro photography, the ring light provides more centre-focused lighting. It evenly distributes light around the subject, hides shadows and brings out the detail.
  • You must have noticed in various YouTube videos, the facial feature of the subject is quite enhanced. This is because they place the LED ring light at the front of the phone camera. One of the best examples where you can notice this is in makeup tutorials.
How to choose the correct ring light?
  1. Consider your needs
In order to get the perfect result, you must first consider how you’re planning to use. If you are aiming to use it on the iPad or DSLR camera, then buy a LED ring light that’s large enough.
  1. Power and Size
While shopping for a ring light, you also need to consider the power and size of the light. The higher the CRI and lm, the better is the colour representation and lighting output. It is particularly effective for tattoo artists, makeup artists, and hair colourists. It is wise to buy the right light that provides a duller knob as it will balance the brightness
  1. Accessories
An ideal right light must come with the following accessories such as a mirror, carry bag, camera bracket, stand, gooseneck, phone bracket and an AC adaptor.
  1. Colour Temperature
The warm colour is suitable for filming or photography when a healthy and warm glow is needed. Most of the ring lights allow you to change the colour with a snap.
  1. LED Lights vs. Fluorescent Bulbs
As compared to Led lights, the fluorescent bulbs have a smaller life span. One of the drawbacks of the fluorescent bulbs is that it heats up easily when used for an extended period.

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