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MagicCallVoice changer app has crossed 7 million app installs

Want to say Hello to a friend? Here is how to add a new twist of amusement to the conversation in a unique way.

MagicCallApp,is rated as one of the best voice changer app across 90 countries. MagicCall has crossed ….app installs recently on the play store.

MagicCall brings a unique calling experience to its subscribers. This app offers a fun way to make hilarious calls, giggle with amazement and watch the receiver's surprise reactions.

MagicCall voice changer allows its users to change the call of the voice from one gender voice to other, cartoon voice, and also to a child’s voice.

For example, a male caller can change his voice to a female voice, a female caller can change the voice to a male one.The users can also choose the voice to sound it like a cartoon or kid voice all done real-time during a voice call session.

"I really like this app. Great concept, I enjoyed a lot and did a lot of fun. I pranked many of my friends and they were shocked. Then I told them about this wonderful app and now they are using it. It's a fun app." –says AmitBhatia, a regular user of the MagicCall App.

Users can enjoy free credit to test features of the MagicCall App. During a voice call, the caller can switch between different voice modes, play sounds of emoticons such as kiss, wink, laughing, etc.

Callers can easily change their background sound to something interesting, depending on their preferences. They can select different background sounds such as traffic noise, birthday song, club/dance floor, and host of others available in the app. MagicCall also comes as one of the cheapest to make prank calls without spending a fortune.

When it's time to make those prank calls, and surprise friends and families, MagicCall Voice Changer App is the go-to app to do just that.

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